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"Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see." Benjamin Franklin
"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." George Carlin
“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” Charles Manson
«кто кого?» Ленин

24 April 2017
'Emmanuel Clinton v Marine LeTrump' [Pepe Escobar]

22 April 2017
'Trump's North Korea Armada was fake news' [James Corbett]

21 April 2017
«Frexit tu m'excites!» [France24]
USA: DoJ and Assange [Binoy Kampmark]
'How to talk like a Russian diplomat' [Moscow Times]

20 April 2017
Euroland according to William Engdahl [NEO]

18 April 2017
UK: PM Theresa May calls general election for 8 June 2017 [DMail]

16 April 2017
'Ending nuclear lawlessness' [In the Human Interest]

13 April 2017
AFP Assad interview [Agence France Presse] [Al Jazeera] [BBC]
'Syria strikes: who is 666D chessing whose interuniversal Go sequences?' [Anatoly Karlin]
Wonkagenda [Wonkette]
Massive Attack: GBU-43B MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) [Aviationist] (text and video)

12 April 2017
Lavrov-Tillerson meeting in Moskva [Al-Monitor] [AP/newsmax] [Consortiumnews] [DMail] [Guardian] [Regnum] [TASS]
Peter Lee on Trump, Xi and Dalai Lama [China Matters] (text and video)

10 April 2017
'Syria issues travel ban on US missiles' [DuffelBlog]
'3 Russian theories why US hit Syria' [Al-Monitor]
'Global turmoil: flatulence or substance' [James Petras]

7 April 2017
Медведев заявил, что «машина власти» сломала Трампа [ura.ru]

28 March 2017
Medical commentary on White Helmets material [TruePublica]
'China from the inside out' [Mel Gurtov]
John McMurtry on fake news [21Wire]

27 March 2017
Brexit: 'everything you need to know' [Guardian]
UK: 'Shetland find lifts North Sea oil hopes' [Times]
WhatsApp and terrorism [Guido Fawkes]
Robert Fisk on Syria [CounterPunch]
'5 reasons to watch Rouhani's visit to Russia' [Al-Monitor]
Climate: mathematics of mitigation [WUWT]
Second anniversary of Saudi-Yamani conflict [BBC]

26 March 2017
'Russia-Iran strategic ties keep US guessing' [M K Bhadrakumar]

25 March 2016
Saudi pivot to East Asia [NEO]
American psyops under Reagan [Robert Parry]
Русское оружие: Russian robots are coming! [Sputnik]

24 March 2017
Daish: 'creature of the West' [Pepe Escobar]

23 March 2017
Trump doctrine: "I'm president, and you're not" [The Hill]

22 March 2017
'Man who claims to be European getting on everyone's tits' [Daily Mash]
Video of Putin singing 'Creep' by Radiohead [NME]:

21 March 2017
Andrew Bacevich on CENTCOM [TomDispatch]
Tillerson in Beijing [Mel Gurtov]
Review of 'Russia, Trump, and a New Détente' by Robert English [Gilbert Doctorow]

20 March 2017
'Snow, death, and the bewildered herd' [Edward Curtin]
Assad interview [RT]
'The Great Game: power politics or free play?' [CounterPunch]

17 March 2017
Analysis: Wikileaks Vault 7 [CounterPunch]

16 March 2017
'Nation shocked to learn top spy agency spies on people' [DuffelBlog]
HMQ gives Royal Assent to Brexit [RT]

Trump budget goes hard

14 March 2017
Russian military said to be in Egypt, Libya [American Interest] [Guardian] [Independent] [Newsbud] [Reuters] [Times of Israel]

10 March 2017
'US deploys marines to Syria for Raqqa operation' [nsnbc]

9 March 2017
UK: Empire 2.0 [Sky]

8 March 2017
'Meltdown in politics' [Martin Armstrong]
'Luxembourg court rejects US bid to freeze Iran assets' [PressTV]

6 March 2017
'Who brought Trump to power?' [NEO]

23 February 2017
'How Trump could be a truth-teller' [Robert Parry]
Analysis: instructions of Putin to FSB, 2015-2017 [Newsbud]

22 February 2017
National Aeronautics and Space Administration discovers habitable solar system [NASA]

20 February 2017
'Global arms sales hit highest level since end of Cold War' [Bloomberg]

14 February 2017
'China net imported 1,300t of gold in 2016' [Koos Jansen]

7 February 2017
'Massacres of Muslims: in Canada condemned, in Yemen condoned' [Christopher Black]
'Dance of the five powers on the Korean peninsula' [Newsbud]
'Castigating Trump for truth-telling' [Robert Parry]

6 February 2017
'BND: Keine Beweise für Desinformations-Kampagne Putins' [Süddeutsche Zeitung]

2 February 2017
'Downfall of a top Russian cyber spy' [Daily Beast]
USA: Steve Bannon and 'The Fourth Turning' [Business Insider]

1 February 2017
Brexit begins [CNN] [Guardian] [Politico] [Sky]

31 January 2017
Україна: military action in Авдіївка [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Politico] [RT] [South Front] [Vice]
TPP 'now deader than ever thanks to Trump' [Peter Lee/Newsbud]

25 January 2017
'Seymour Hersh blasts media' [Intercept]
Trump orders wall at USA-Mexico border [BBC]
Project for the New Anglo-American Century [DMail]

24 January 2017
UK Supreme Court (8 to 3 majority): Brexit requires new legislation [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [DMail] [Guido Fawkes] [Guardian] [UK Constitutional Law Association] [UK Supreme Court] (full judgment) [Westmonster]
Trump abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership [Al Jazeera] [NYTimes] [Nikkei Asian Review] [RT]
'China reportedly deploys ICBMs' [RT]
Robert Parry on Obama [Consortiumnews]

23 January 2017
'Hard Brexit may lead to closer Sino-UK ties' [Global Times]

22 January 2017
François Fillon: «Je propose une alliance européenne de défense» [Le Monde]
'What is Russia's endgame in Libya?' [Al Jazeera]

21 January 2017
'Obama: a legacy of ashes' [James Corbett]

20 January 2017
'Soros has ties to more than 50 partners of the Women's March on Washington' [NYTimes]
'CIA morale plummets as Trump inauguration looms' [McClatchyDC]
Medvedev flames Obama [Russia Insider]
'OBAMA OUT // Songify the Farewell Address' [schmoyoho/YouTube]

19 January 2017
'Sidestepping the military Leviathan: make money, not war' [Fred Reed]
'Trump speech that no one heard' [Mike Whitney]

17 January 2017
CIA puts online 12 million pages of declassified material [IFLScience]
'The Zipf Mystery' [YouTube/Vsauce]

12 January 2017
Trump calls CNN 'fake news' [Politico]

11 January 2017
'Big Pharma Lost $24.6 Billion in 20 Minutes During Donald Trump’s Press Conference' [Fortune]
Media-Intel Complex at war with Trump [Glenn Greenwald]
'Asia enters post-Obama era' [Newsbud/Peter Lee]
Obama and Sunni-Shia politics [Consortiumnews]

10 January 2017
'New Great Game in Eurasia' [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar]

9 January 2017
'America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016' [Guardian]
Захарова пошутила о взломе русскими хакерами мозга Обамы [Lenta]

8 January 2017
UK: the Masot affair and Boris Johnson [Peter Oborne]

7 January 2017
UK: Israeli discussion to 'take down' British deputy foreign minister [DMail] [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Haaretz]
В Москве прошедшая ночь стала самой холодной за последние 120 лет [Kommersant]
How RT influenced American politics [RT]

6 January 2017
'Algorithm and blues: why Hillary's moneyball strategy failed' [CounterPunch]
Russkie h4x0Rz: 'is that all there is?' [Daniel McAdams]

4 January 2017
'NOAA challenged the global warming "pause". Now new research says the agency was right.' [WashPo] [WUWT]
Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Post [Intercept]

3 January 2017
Assange-Hannity interview [Fox/YouTube] [CNN] [Daily Beast] [Lew Rockwell]
'Farewell Sir Ivan Rogers, unwitting hero of brexiteers' [Reaction]
'President Trump' [Frontline]

2 January 2017
Patrick Cockburn on the battle for Mosul [CounterPunch]

30 December 2016
Exxon and other oil majors withdraw from Kurdistan [Al-Monitor]

29 December 2016
USA expels 35 Russian diplomats [HuffPo]
'US denies it created ISIS, accuses Turkey of spreading fake news' [Zero Hedge]
Obituary of Carrie Fisher by Binoy Kampmark [CounterPunch]

28 December 2016
'How George Soros destroyed the Democratic Party' [Frontpage]
'What a real "America First" Middle East policy might look like' [LobeLog]

27 December 2016
USA and Russia 'dominating global weapons trade' [Business Insider]
Захарова посоветовала главе МИД Великобритании сменить «вокабуляр» [RBC]
'2016: a year in memes' [euronews]

15 December 2016
Trolling: 'Schadenfreude with bite' [London Review of Books]

14 December 2016
Former NSA officer William Binney: 'CIA lying about Russians hacking DNC' [Sputnik]
'Maybe we are all just living in the Matrix' [Salon]
Tillerson profile [Politico]
'Forbes picks Putin as most powerful, Trump second' [The Hill] [DMail]

USD: Yellen announces raise in interest rate [Zero Hedge]

13 December 2016
Robert Fisk on Aleppo [Independent]
Tillerson: 'will Trump defy [John] McCain and Marco [Rubio]?' [Pat Buchanan]
Robert Parry on 'madness sweeping Official Washington' [Consortiumnews]
'14 most insane things happening right now' [Cracked]
Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Lederhosen [HuffPo]

12 December 2016
'World according to Russian propaganda: Aleppo and Palmyra editions' [Moscow Times]
Brexit may 'revive stalled world trading system' [Daniel Hannan/IBTimes]
'Turkey moves against HDP after Istanbul attack' [Al-Monitor]
'War on fake news [is] part of war on free speech' [Ron Paul]
'CIA has always been incompetent' [Mises Wire]
'Top 10 discoveries of 2016' [Archaeology]

11 December 2016
'Iran seals $17 billion Boeing deal' [CNBC]

9 December 2016
'Snowflake Nation' [CounterPunch]

8 December 2016
'America accelerates its Asian decline in Afghanistan' [China Matters]
'Intel analysts instructed to limit briefings with Trump to under 140 characters' [DuffelBlog]

7 December 2016
Vltchek on Duterte [RT]

5 December 2016
'Russia, China veto UNSC resolution on Aleppo ceasefire' [RT]

4 December 2016
Italia: Renzi resigns [Zero Hedge] [DMail] [RT]

3 December 2016
France: Hollande withdraws from presidential race [Reuters]

30 November 2016
'Europe on a precipice' [DMail]
US elections: 'what Stein is getting from recount' [The Hill]
Fake News: 'the fake news about fake news' [Consortiumnews]; for reference, The List from Propaganda or Not

28 November 2016
M K Bhadrakumar on European politics [Indian Punchline]

15 November 2016
'Trump and Putin begin new era of US-Russia relations' [Express]
'Iran defuses Daesh bombing plot, confiscates 2 tonnes of explosives' [PressTV]
'Korean Peninsula within the framework of US global hegemony' [Asia-Pacific Journal]

13 November 2016
'Krugman admits he is clueless' [Zero Hedge]
'Post-Trumpmatic Stress Disorder' [American Thinker]

12 November 2016
'Trump's win - a rebuke to the elites' [Alastair Crooke]

11 November 2016
Ron Paul interview [RT]
'Trumponomics v neoliberalism' [Pepe Escobar]

9 November 2016

24 October 2016
'The oil-gas war over Syria, in maps' [Eric Zuesse]

12 October 2016
Интервью Министра иностранных дел России С.В.Лаврова программе «Аманпур» на телеканале «Си-Эн-Эн», Москва, 12 октября 2016 года [mid.ru]

7 October 2016
'Is Russia pulling Turkey away from the West?' [Al-Monitor]

5 October 2016
Syria: Assad interview [RT]
'Syrian forces makes gains in Aleppo' [NEO]
Libya: 'chronology of Gaddafi's murder' [CounterPunch]

4 October 2016
'Chinese company in $US 20 billion deal to develop, manage Egypt's new capital city' [Egyptian Streets]
US: 'Pence, Kaine square off in VP debate' [Breitbart]

3 October 2016
'Russia, Pakistan make nice. Amen.' [Indian Punchline]

1 October 2016
US elections: Hillary miles ahead with dead voters [Zero Hedge]

30 September 2016
Lavrov interview [BBC]

28 September 2016
US: 'Congress overrides Obama's veto of 9/11 bill' [WashPo]

27 September 2016
US military history: 'win, lose or draw' [TomDispatch]

22 September 2016
'$195 billion asset manager: time has come to leave the dance floor' [Zero Hedge]
'Source betrayed: the Washington Post and Edward Snowden' [Binoy Kampmark]

19 September 2016
US: 'there's no debate' [Moyers/Winship]

17 September 2016
Engdahl: analysis of energy war in the Middle East [NEO]
Syrian ceasefire: US airstrike hits Syrian military near Deir el-Zour [Breitbart] [CNN] [DMail] [Guardian] [NYTimes] [RT] [Sky] [Zero Hedge]

16 September 2016
'YOLO economics' [LobeLog]
'The intellectual yet idiot' [Nassim Nicholas Taleb]

15 September 2016
Marine le Pen promises Frexit referendum [Express]
'Dark side of United Nations peacekeeping' [Mel Gurtov]

14 September 2016
Brexit 'likely to cost EU billions' [Spiegel]

13 September 2016
'Guccifer 2.0 leaks DNC pay-to-play donor list' [Zero Hedge]
Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wahabbism [NYTimes]

12 September 2016
Hollande: France a victim of post 9/11 chaos caused by US [The Local]

11 September 2016
'Russia-China military ties take a leap forward' [Indian Punchline]
'Hillary has pneumonia' [The Hill] [Guardian] [RT]

9 September 2016
Larry King interviews Trump [RT]
'Clinton campaign has big, big problem' [Pat Buchanan]

6 September 2016
Language news: 'Duterte tells Obama son of a whore remark wasn't personal' [Guardian]

5 September 2016
Putin interview [Bloomberg]

31 August 2016
WWII: Britain and Russia commemorate Arctic convoys [RT]

30 August 2016
EU taxation: 'Britain opens the door to Apple' [DMail]
Україна: 'independence from the people' [CounterPunch] [Junge Welt] (Urtext im Deutsch)
Stupid shit latest: US offers $3m bounty for US-trained mujahid [Middle East Eye]
'Germans lose faith in banks, rush to buy safes' [Zero Hedge]

29 August 2016
Uzbekistan: illness of Karimov 'forces decision on succession' [Eurasianet]
'Iraq's willing executioners' [Robert Fisk]

27 August 2016
Syria: Chinese military delegation in Damascus [Fars]

26 August 2016
Andre Vltchek on the Clinton Foundation and Saudi sponsors [Global Research]

25 August 2016
'Brzezinski gives up on empire' [Mike Whitney]
'Losing Games' [Taki]

23 August 2016
England and Wales: 'court fee increases of more than 600% already beginning to bite' [Bar Council]

22 August 2016
British Empire wins Olympics [HuffPo]

17 August 2016
'Will Hungary be next to exit the EU?' [William Engdahl]

16 August 2016
Russia deploys air force to Hamedan, Iran [Al Jazeera] [Al-Masdar News] [Guardian] [Reuters] [Zero Hedge]
DC Leaks publish documents of Soros, Open Society NGO [DC Leaks] [DMail] [RT] [Sputnik] [Zero Hedge]
US: 'the real existential threats of 2016' [Pat Buchanan]

15 August 2016
'Rethinking the Cold War - old and new' [Paul Craig Roberts]
'Warming in Russia-Turkey relations to persuade other countries to negotiate' [TASS]

14 August 2016
'Why the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are furious about Erdogan’s Russian rapprochement' [John Galt]

11 August 2016
UK and Russia seek diplomatic normalization [DMail]; for reference, Anglo-Russian Entente of 1907 [Wikipedia]

9 August 2016
'Is something wrong with Hillary?' [Zero Hedge]

8 August 2016
Assessment and press review of Putin-Erdogan meeting [NEO]

31 July 2016
Pentagon: '$6.5 trillion can't pass an audit' [Fiscal Times]

29 July 2016
'How to understand the beheading of a French priest' [Robert Fisk]
«Трампнаш» и российский комплекс неполноценности [Russkaya Planeta]
Guido Fawkes - 27 countries seeking UK trade deals:

28 July 2016
Syria: 'siege of Aleppo turning point in Syria conflict' [Breitbart]
'The power of Нет' [Dmitri Orlov]

26 July 2016
France: 'elderly priest killed in a hostage situation' in Normandy [Breitbart] [DMail]
Michael Hudson interview: 'Trump the anti-Neocon, Hillary the new darling of the Neocons' [CounterPunch]
'Another US foreign policy triumph: Syrian rebels behead innocent child' [NEO]

25 July 2016
'What the Turkish coup means for Iran' [LobeLog]
'Why Putin hates Hillary' [Politico]
'What is Fethullah Gülen?' [William Engdahl]
Guardian - Trump is Siberian Candidate:

24 July 2016
Nice: 'French minister sues police officer over Bastille Day claims' [Guardian]

22 July 2016
KSA: Asharq al-Awsat criticizes Erdogan [Indian Punchline]
Libya and Seif al-Islam Gadhafi [Al-Monitor]
'Erdogan suspects US sympathy for coup' [Consortiumnews]
«Москва плывёт»: потоп в столице на снимках из социальных сетей [tjournal]
Language: щепетильность explained by Michele Berdy [Moscow Times]

21 July 2016
'President of Earth Donald J. Trump to America's NATO allies: drop dead' [Wonkette]

20 July 2016
'Erdogan warned of incoming coup by Russian alert' [Fars]

19 July 2016
'Coup attempt disempowers Turkish armed forces' [Sputnik]
Natalia Poklonskaya interview in Novaya Gazeta:

18 July 2016
'Erdogan purges 18,000 as Europe voices concern coup was staged with prepared arrest lists' [Zero Hedge]

15 July 2016
'Four options for UK trade after Brexit' [nsnbc]

14 July 2016
«Прощай, Москва, это апокалипсис» [RT]

13 July 2016
Michael Flynn interview [Intercept]
'China's bad day in court' [Mel Gurtov]
UK: 'Theresa May’s husband steals the show in sexy navy suit as he starts new life as First Man' [Metro]

12 July 2016
Philippines win arbitration against China [CNN Philippines] [Global Times] [Inquirer] [Xinhua]
'Beijing rejects tribunal's ruling' [Guardian]; for reference, 'United States and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea' [Wikipedia]

Brexit: 'it's not about the EU, it's about the EZ' [CounterPunch]
'West's war games with Russia' [Spiked]

10 July 2016
'Europe's NATO ambivalence' [Graham Fuller]

8 July 2016
'In Dallas, drone wars just came home' [Daniel McAdams]

7 July 2016
Chilcot: MI6 Iraq nerve gas report 'stolen from action film The Rock' [Telegraph] [RT] [Guardian]
Chomsky on noble intentions [Washington's Blog]
Latin America: 'Washington's new managers' [James Petras]
Что не так с обувью Медведева? [GQ]

6 July 2016
Kremlin: Russian warnings to EU and Turkey about Chataev ignored [RT]
'Turkey taunts Europe' [Indian Punchline]

5 July 2016
FBI: Hillary 'extremely careless' [The Hill]
Japan: 'VR porn event forced to shut down after too many came early' [RT]

4 July 2016
Brexit and Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, the Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, the Solomon Islands, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia, and Tuvalu [VoltaireNet]
UK: 'there ain't no resignation like a Nigel Farage resignation' [Marina Hyde]

3 July 2016
Alex Salmond: coup against Corbyn intended to protect Blair [Herald Scotland]

1 July 2016
Assad interview [SBS] (video) [21st Century Wire] (text)
'Hacked emails reveal NATO general plotting against Obama' [Intercept]
'Brexit aftershocks' [Spiegel]
'Ancillary lessons from Brexit' [CounterPunch]

29 June 2016
'Дума №6' [Kommersant]
Federal case alleging rape filed against Trump [HuffPo] [Alternet]

28 June 2016
'Age of disintegration' [Patrick Cockburn]
'Brexit reshuffles geopolitics' [Thierry Meyssan]

27 June 2016
'Beijing and Moscow fed up with Washington' [Forbes]

26 June 2016
Downfall: 'Boris HQ as the EU referendum result comes in' [YouTube]

25 June 2016
Brexit: 'why Article 50 notification is important' [Jack of Kent]

24 June 2016
Brexit: Boris Johnson's victory speech [Spectator]

Захарова предсказала превращение Brexit в Whoexit [Lenta.ru]

22 June 2016
Fund-raiser: 'Right to Fight' film of female boxing World Championship [Indiegogo]

21 June 2016
'Libyans are killing ISIS' [NEO]

17 June 2016
Syria: another Russian surprise [LATimes]

9 June 2016
Argument from the Left for Brexit [CounterPunch]

8 June 2016
'Stunning new development!!! Media call[s] Trump racist' [Ann Coulter]

7 June 2016
US: Bill Moyers examines the Democrats [Moyers/Winship]
UK: Royal Navy encounters wrong kind of water [DMail]

5 June 2016
Ancient Greeks and democracy [nsnbc]

31 May 2016
'MH17: the continuing charade' [NEO]

30 May 2016
'Untold story behind Saudi Arabia's 41 year US debt secret' [Bloomberg]

26 May 2016
Hillary Clinton, rap artist [Youtube]:

24 May 2016
UK: 'generals fight for Brexit' [DMail]

22 May 2016
'What were Donald Trump's ties to the Mob?' [Politico]

19 May 2016
'Clinton's hawk-in-waiting' [Philip Giraldi]

12 May 2016
'The endgame, and how we got here' [Alasdair Mcleod]

11 May 2016
'Iranian official says prominent Saudi jihadist "man in control" in Syria' [Al-Monitor]

7 May 2016
'Secret behind the Yemen war' [Consortiumnews]

5 May 2016
Культурная война: Concerto de Palmyra [RT/YouTube] (starts at 12.00)
'The comb-overthrow of the Republican party is complete' [Politico]

3 May 2016
'Who started the Second Cold War?' [American Conservative]
'How Britain funds the propaganda war against Isis in Syria' [Guardian]

2 May 2016
Fuck news: 'Sanders applauds supporter who tells billionaire class to fuck off' [The Hill]
'Obama defines his Russia legacy' [M K Bhadrakumar]

28 April 2016
Slavoj Žižek: 'Trump is really a centrist liberal' [Guardian]
'The mask comes off: putrefaction most foul' [Fred Reed]

26 April 2016
Patrick Cockburn on Saudi Arabia [CounterPunch]

25 April 2016
'Gal who looks like Ted Cruz will do porno for $10K' [Wonkette]

19 April 2016
'Offshore in central London: the curious case of 29 Harley Street' [Guardian]

16 April 2016
Obscure American tells UK: 'absolutely bizarre that we are being lectured by Americans' [BBC] [Business Insider] [Politico] [Politics Home] [RT]

15 April 2016
Excellent detention notices, including 'threw lamp at another student and told him to lighten the fuck up !!!' [DMail]
В Омске срочно ремонтируют дорогу после вопроса Путину [Life News]

14 April 2016
'The credibility illusion' [Robert Parry]
'Will Trump be swindled in Cleveland, too?' [Pat Buchanan]
Trump is 'boisterous fuck-polyp' [Wonkette]
Путин опасается последствий новости о его женитьбе для курса доллара и цен на нефть [Vedomosti]

13 April 2016
Syrian elections [21st Century Wire] [BBC] [CBS] [Guardian] [NPR] [Reuters] [RT] [WashPo]

12 April 2016
'Forgotten war: shaky truce in Yemen' [Patrick Cockburn]
'How an Iran war was averted' [Ray McGovern]
'Iranian sponsorship of terrorism?' [LobeLog]
Iraq: 'why the PKK is so interested in Mosul' [Al-Monitor]
Chomsky interview [Salon]

11 April 2016
Economics: Charlie Munger transcript [Business Insider]
Yatsenyuk: 'hired by Nuland, fired by Nuland' [Moon of Alabama]
'End of the American Empire' [War on the Rocks]

10 April 2016
'As Ukraine collapes, Europeans tire of US interventions' [Ron Paul]
Trump: 'primary process corrupt on both sides' [The Hill]
'How not to audit the Pentagon' [William Hartung]

8 April 2016
Россия–США: «тихая коалиция» в Сирии [Izvestia] [RBTH]
'When Bitcoin grows up' [London Review of Books]

7 April 2016

'Iran links to Eurasia with Persian canal' [NEO]

6 April 2016
'The Gig Economy: another vicious attack on ordinary working slobs' [Mike Whitney]

5 April 2016
Global military expenditure about $2 trillion [Al Arabiya]

4 April 2016
'Who will be the next president of the United States?' [Thierry Meyssan]

1 April 2016
'Russia claims Turkish NGOs are main supplier of extremists in Syria' [Deutsche Welle]

20 April 2016
'Saudi imperial overreach?' [RIGA]

29 March 2016
Syria: 'Pentagon-backed rebels fighting CIA-backed rebels' [RT]
'US military and diplomatic families ordered to leave southern Turkey' [ABC News]
Richard Galustian on Libya [Moon of Alabama]
'Always attack the wrong country' [Dmitri Orlov]

28 March 2016
American Spring: 'veteran burned himself alive outside VA clinic' [Daily Beast]
Obama-Erdogan: no personal meeting in Washington [Sputnik]

25 March 2016
Latest proxy warfare news: Melania Trump v Heidi Cruz [Twitter]
'Hillary flip-flop highlight reel' [21st Century Wire]

24 March 2016
'Obama's curious interview' [Consortiumnews]
'Erik Prince in the hot seat' [Intercept]

23 March 2016
'Jupiter dazzles with Northern Lights after solar storm' [RT]

22 March 2016
'Start of a new world war' [John Pilger]

21 March 2016
DMail film review: "Saudi Arabia Uncovered" [ITV]

18 March 2016
'World according to ISIS' [Foreign Policy Journal]
Пять тысяч евро за майку с Путиным [Gazeta]

16 March 2016
Trump instagram vid: Hillary is barking [Fox]

15 March 2016
'Russian warplanes bomb column of terrorists entering Syria from Turkey' [Fars]

14 March 2016
'Exposing the Libyan agenda' [Ellen Brown]

10 March 2016
US: 'the long history of presidential penis innuendo' [Politico]

9 March 2016
Condoleezza Rice in Kyiv: “You should go to Liberia where the standard of living is much lower, and then you will be thankful to be Ukrainian.” [allAfrica] [Monrovia Inquirer] [Observer] [Oriental Review] [Russia Insider] [Zero Hedge]

3 March 2016
Nederland: parliamentary dissidents criticize MH-17 investigation [RT]

2 March 2016
US: 'post-Super Tuesday arithmetic' [SteynOnline]

26 February 2016
'Eight memorable passages from Apple's fiery response to the FBI' [Intercept]

18 February 2016
'The Clinton monster that won't die' [CounterPunch]
Русская Эбола [Svobodnaya Pressa]
Патриарх Кирилл встретился с пингвинами в Антарктиде [Meduza]

16 February 2016
No tears for Scalia [Salon]

12 February 2016
'Russia warns of new world war starting in Syria' [Telegraph]
Sanders, Clinton and Kissinger [Intercept]

8 February 2016
'The 19 greatest empires in history' [Business Insider]

4 February 2015
'Coast guard mostly saves very stupid people, study finds' [DuffelBlog]

2 February 2016
«Оскар» гарантирован: Леонардо ди Каприо сыграет Путина [MKRU]

30 January 2016
'Stephen Colbert destroys Donald Trump' [YouTube]

29 January 2016
'Quotations from Madame Hillary' [CounterPunch]

28 January 2016
'Trump is shocking, vulgar and right' [Politico]

25 January 2016
'China deploys in the Near East' [Thierry Meyssan]
'Crisis in Moldova' [Sputnik]

19 January 2016
'Defeat is victory' [Dmitri Orlov]

17 January 2016
'Obama, Rouhani hail diplomacy' [Al-Monitor]
Map of Tor data [Wired]

14 January 2016
Порошенко на пресс-конференции забыл украинский язык [Lenta]

12 January 2016
Путин снова хочет начать с нуля [Vedomosti]
'What Hillary knew about Libya' [Robert Parry]

11 January 2016
'US presidential candidates weigh in on Russia, Putin, Middle East' [Al-Monitor]

7 January 2016
New terror threat: lemons [DMail]
'America revisits the dark side' [TomDispatch]

6 January 2016
'UBS: give up on stocks this year and buy gold' [Business Insider]

5 January 2016
Saudi Arabia: 'last few days qualify as a rough patch' [Foreign Policy]

4 January 2016
'Islamic State fighters target LIbya's main oil terminals' [Reuters]

3 January 2016
'Russia to help Iran reboot oil industry' [Oil Price]

2 January 2016
Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr: Saudi Arabia executes Shia cleric [BBC] [Breitbart] [Business Insider]

1 January 2016
'Military to military' [Seymour Hersh/LRB]
'Ten of the most awe-inspiring space images of 2015' [IFLScience]

28 December 2015
'How Big Oil conquered the World' [James Corbett]

22 December 2015
Gastronomic news: soup for sluts, homo sausage, megapussi and other delicacies [DMail]

17 December 2015
пресс-конференция Владимира Путина [Gazeta]
Trump: 'speaking the unspeakable' [CounterPunch]

16 December 2015
'A special relationship: US teaming up with Al Qaeda again' [Harper's/Andrew Cockburn] [Russia Insider]
'Saudi Arabia rallies Sunni boots to fight terror' [M K Bhadrakumar]

15 December 2015
Putin the Immortal [DMail]

14 December 2015
Iran claims Yamani forces sink Saudi warships [Fars]

13 December 2015
AGW latest: first snow in Cairo for 112 years [Al Arabiya] [Egyptian Streets] [HuffPo] [Mirror]

10 December 2015
'Copper, aluminium and steel collapse to crisis levels' [Contra Corner]

9 December 2015
Bahetle-Obama controversy ignites internet [Twitter] [RBC]

7 December 2015
Obama: 'the incredible shrinking president' [Consortiumnews]
Iraq: Sunnistan emerges? [Al-Monitor]

3 December 2015
Путин: За военное преступление Турция не отделается помидорами [Regnum]

2 December 2015
'Cameron's McCarthyite smear' [Peter Oborne]
Erdogan on Gollum meme: 'We hates it. We hates it forever.' [Foreign Policy]

1 December 2015
'Climate change in US-Russia ties' [M K Bhadrakumar]
'Iraqis think US in cahoots with Islamic State' [WaPo]

30 November 2015
'70,000 Kalashnikovs: Cameron's "moderate" rebels' [Robert Fisk]
Putin: Su-24 shot down to protect Daish oil deliveries [Sputnik] [Express] [IBT]

25 November 2015
13th Russo-Turkish war kicks off [BBC] [CBS] [CNN] [Guardian] [RT] [Telegraph] - for reference [Wikipedia]
Religious warriors now using Tao missiles, according to UK Daily Mail

22 November 2015
'Will chess, not battleship, be the game of the future in Eurasia?' [Pepe Escobar]

19 November 2015
'US not sure who it's fighting in the Middle East' [DuffelBlog]

18 November 2015
UK: Sir David Richards calls Syrian policy 'contradictory' [RT]

16 November 2015
'Grasping the motives for terror' [Consortiumnews]
'US approves $1.29bn sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia' [Al-Monitor]

10 November 2015
Россия и Путин: 'The Czarlings' and Katerina Shamalov [Reuters]

9 November 2015
'US not interested in defeating ISIS' [Sharmine Narwani]

7 November 2015
'Why did Kerry visit central Asia?' [NEO]

6 November 2015
British civil flight to Sharm El Sheikh evaded missile on 23 August 2015 [DMail]
'Turkey: the phantom election' [CounterPunch]

4 November 2015
'Chalabi legacy of lies' [Robert Parry]
'Wanted: a decent leader for France' [CapX]
Jeb explains 'French workweek' [The Hill]

3 November 2015
'Mid-air blast possible cause of Russian plane crash' [ATimes]
'Кремль призвал не связывать операцию в Сирии и авиакатастрофу А321' [Forbes]
'Two centuries of Russian surprises - why are we surprised?' [Russia Insider]
US: President Doesn't Give a Fuck mocks GOP dildo-sniffers [Wonkette]
Iraq: discussion of Daish dollarization [Zero Hedge]
'With or without you: Germany and NATO' [War on the Rocks]
'Western mainstream extremism' [James Petras]

2 November 2015
'How Valeant got vaporized' [David Stockman]
'From Blair to Assad, responsibility for IS must be widely shared' [Middle East Eye]

30 October 2015
China Sea blues and 'the senator from PTSD' [Fred Reed]
Ez az úr fog mindent kifizetni: Orban criticizes Soros [RT]

29 October 2015
'The Caliph at the gates of Vienna' [Pepe Escobar]

28 October 2015
'Genies and genocide' [NEO]

19 October 2015
Mexico: 'historic building emerges from underwater' [Sky]

17 October 2015
'Obama to continue airstrikes on hospitals in Afghanistan beyond 2016' [DuffelBlog]
'Native son rises in Saudi Arabia' [M K Bhadrakumar]

12 October 2015
Syria: 'Russian jets strike 53 ISIS targets in last 24 hours' [Russia Today]
La France et la Syrie, selon Thierry Meyssan [Voltairenet]

11 October 2015
'Ohne die USA: Russland und Iran übernehmen Führungsrolle im Irak' [Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten]

7 October 2015
Syria: Russians launch missiles from Caspian [RT] [DMail]

28 August 2015
'Bitcoin technology piques interest on Wall St' [NYT]

10 August 2015
Rise of Daish/ISIS: 'a willful Washington decision' [Russia Today]

7 August 2015
'Billionaire blowhard exposes fake political system' [CounterPunch]

20 July 2015
'Hidden origins of Syria's civil war' [Consortiumnews]

10 July 2015
US: 'Trump's ascent tests GOP chairman' [The Hill]
'Dear Britain, there is life outside the EU' [Telegraph]

8 July 2015
Obama: 'we're speeding up training of ISIL' [ConservativePost] [Infowars]

6 July 2015
Greek demopsephisma: OXI [RT] [Independent]

4 July 2015
'Wikileaks: US wiretapped Brazilian presidents' [USA Today] [RT]

3 July 2015
'Not learning from Mideast mistakes' [William Polk]
'Europeans tried to block IMF debt report on Greece' [Reuters]

30 June 2015
'Care and feeding of a financial black hole' [Dmitri Orlov]

23 June 2015
Jeux français en Libye, ou l'argent parle [Al-Monitor] [Bourg Socialisme Avenir]
'NATO-Russia collision ahead?' [Pat Buchanan]

22 June 2015

'Lebanese Sunnis sympathetic towards Da'ish?' [CounterPunch]

4 June 2015
'Pentagon to bypass Iraqi army and supply ISIS directly' [DuffelBlog]

20 April 2015
افغانستان: 'ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other' [Khaama Press]

1 April 2015
'Erdogan takes swipe at Iran' [Al-Monitor]

25 March 2015
Saudi-Yamani war kicks off [NYT] [BBC] [Al Jazeera] [DMail]
'US declassifies document revealing Israel's nuclear program' [Arutz Sheva]

24 March 2015
Україна: Poroshenko-Kolomoiskii dispute [KyivPost] [RT] [BBC] [Business Insider]
'Are NGOs agents of subversion?' [Pat Buchanan]

20 March 2015
'Iran and the Yemeni hornet's nest' [Asharq Al-Awsat]

13 March 2015
UK: 'Justine Milliband not allowed in the big kitchen' [thedailymash]

8 March 2015

6 March 2015
Comments on Daish and Saudi Arabia [Jamestown Foundation]

4 March 2015
Bibi's Congress speech remixed by Noy Alooshe [ynet] [YouTube]

1 March 2015
'Turkey's foreign policy after the Arab Spring' [Iran Review]

25 February 2015
'Why the rise of fascism is again the issue' [John Pilger]

24 February 2015
'Russia and Abu Dhabi in talks to develop airport in Cuba' [The National]
'What Putin really wants' [The National Interest]

23 February 2015
Iraqi legislator claims two British planes crashed in Iraq [Fars News]
'US resets the Afghan chessboard' [M K Bhadrakumar]

22 February 2015
'Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon?' [TomDispatch]
Nixon-Pompidou 1971 [Koos Jansen]

16 February 2015
"Cock holster" explained [DuffelBlog]

13 February 2015
'Playing with fire in an Age of Absurdity' [CounterPunch]
'The Middle East that might have been' [The Atlantic]
Who knew?! USAID to Daish [Al-Monitor]

12 February 2015
UK: 'Fifty Shades effect blamed for rise in stupid bullshit' [NewsBiscuit]

7 February 2015
Economics explained [Fred Reed]

6 February 2015
'Whose job is it to kill ISIS?' [Pat Buchanan]
'Who is Saudi activist Raid Badawi?' [Al-Monitor]

30 January 2015
Astronomy: animated history of the Moon [imgur]

28 January 2015
Libya: 'secret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton' [Washington Times]
'Kurdish victory in Kobani a defeat for Turkish policy' [Al-Monitor]
Anthropology: '11 fathers of Asia' [DMail]

27 January 2015
'Experts unmask "Regin" Trojan as NSA tool' [Spiegel]
'The Persians are coming!' [Pat Buchanan]
'Empire of Chaos in the House' [RT/Escobar]
'Unravelling the mystery of Boko Haram' [CounterPunch]
'Oil wars: pop! goes the weasel' [NEO]

26 January 2015
Melilla: 'Europe or die' [Vice News]
'Neocons dig in to bomb-bomb Iran' [Pillar/Consortiumnews]

23 January 2015
UK: 'page 3 to feature extracts from Chilcot enquiry' [NewsBiscuit]
'6 viral stories that were total bs' [Cracked]

10 January 2015
'Pan-Arabia Enquirer "not offensive enough" say disappointed jihadists' [Pan-Arabia Enquirer]

7 January 2015
New outrage: pavement shot dead in European capital [liveleak], surviving pavements adorned in solidarity [Guardian]

5 January 2015
Al-Sisi on Islam [Toronto Sun]

1 January 2015
'Afghanistan: America's longest war' [DuffelBlog]

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