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"Anything you can do, I can do meta." Prof. Leon Lipson
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay

26 March 2014
Obama warns Putin [Independent]
'Russia's independent media face crackdown' [Al Jazeera]

28 February 2014
'Carnival in Crimea' [Escobar/ATimes]
Tech news: amputation live-tweeted [WashPo]
'Obama's dumbest plan yet' [CounterPunch]

27 February 2014
GCHQ: perv central [Guardian] [Telegraph]
AGW hits Great Lakes [Sky]

20 February 2014
'Sisi's turn' [LRB]

18 February 2014
'DNI James Clapper: mission accomplished!' [Sibel Edmonds]

17 February 2014
Venezuela expels 3 US diplomats [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [CBS] [CNN] [Reuters] [RT] [Zero Hedge]

16 February 2014
'The Divine Right of President Obama?' [Peter van Buren]
UK, Europe: 'extremist tourists' return from Syria [MoS] [nsnbc]
'Feuer und Fluten: Buch aus 16. Jahrhundert zeigt Endphantasien' [Spiegel] [notrickszone]
Barroso: independent Scotland 'would find it extremely difficult to join EU' [Guardian]

15 February 2014
'Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public' [PressTV]
Saudis and USA continue supply of arms and money to Syrian rebels [WSJ] [nsnbc] [RT]; for reference, 'The US and Saudi Arabia since the 1930s' [Ottaway/FPRI]
'Leaving Afghanistan' - 25 years ago [oDRussia]
Data: Merkel proposes European network [BBC]
UK: frivolous spending of Environment Agency [DMail]

14 February 2014
'The new US-Russia cold war' [Escobar/ATimes]
UK floods: government refused help from the Netherlands [C4]

13 February 2014
'17 countries sitting on the most valuable energy reserves' [Business Insider]
'Liberman's secret plan to storm the Likud party' [Al-Monitor]
Scientists sequence genome of 12,600 year old Clovis boy [Sci-News]
'Pakistan Taliban eyes Afghan-style takeover' [ATimes]

11 February 2014
'China-France: a territorial dispute?' [NEO]
'Sigmund Fred analyzes the Great Squirrel Cage' [Fred Reed]

8 February 2014
'Angela Merkel furious at Nuland' [Zero Hedge]
Some weather from

7 February 2014
Украйна: UN defend position [Reuters], Russians claim Western involvement in civil disorder [BBC]
Canada: First Nations call for radiation tests [CoastReporter]
'Yes, we can (say that)' [Mark Steyn]

6 February 2014
UK think-tank recommends Nexit [Telegraph]

5 February 2014
'Iran, Israel and the politics of gesture' [Al-Monitor]
Россия passes UK to rank 3rd in military expenditure [RT] [IHS]

4 February 2014
Map of the Internet [Business Insider]
'Scenes from a militarized America' [WashPo]
'Will mobocracy triumph in Ukraine?' [Pat Buchanan]

3 February 2014
Dieudonné M'bala M'bala banned from UK [Guardian] [Telegraph]

2 February 2014
'Bitcoin: revolution or trap?' [John Rubino]
Cockburn in Syria [Independent]

1 February 2014
'Welcome to the United States of paranoia' [NYPost]

31 January 2014
Bernanke leaves Fed with £4.1tn balance sheet [cnsnews]

30 January 2014
A short history of Iran [ATimes]
'Best 50 investing blogs' [Daily Reckoning]

28 January 2014
Archaeologists discover 300,000 year old hearth [Sci-News]

27 January 2014
UK: funneh fake signs appear on Underground [Fast Company]

26 January 2014
Россия-UK rapprochement [StratRisks] [Telegraph] [RT]
US list of state sponsors of terrorism - explained [Al Jazeera]

25 January 2014
FT gets physical [Zero Hedge]
Roubini interview [Business Insider]
Sino-Russian naval presence in Mediterranean [RIA Novosti]
Assad 'more powerful than he was 15 months ago' [CNN]
Blair: extreme religion at root of 21c wars [Guardian]

24 January 2014
Ralph Nader on Fukushima [CounterPunch]
Kurdistan and geopolitics of the Middle East [NEO]

23 January 2014
Rouhani: Iran ready to engage world [Guardian]
US: federal privacy board condemns NSA phone programme [Reuters]

22 January 2014
Garth Paltridge: AGW may destroy reputation of science [Quadrant] [Herald Sun] [WUWT]
Syria and Geneva 2 [Escobar/RT]

21 January 2014
McChrystal: drones "create a tremendous amount of resentment" [BBC]

20 January 2014
Assad interview [NOW]

18 January 2014
Sibel Edmonds on Erdogan [BFP]

17 January 2014
Cause of the pause [Easterbrook/WUWT]

16 January 2014
'6 shocking studies that prove science is totally broken' [Cracked]

14 January 2014
'How Putin conquered South Africa' [Zero Hedge]
UK: Cameron orders Amritsar enquiry [Guardian]

13 January 2014
Interview: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai [The National] [Reuters] [YouTube]
Best Joker memes [Amusing Truth]
'Indefensible Kissinger' [Politico]
Afghanistan: further USAID investment in Kajaki dam [FP]
UK: gangsters used gangsters to infiltrate gangsters [Independent]

12 January 2014
Boris Johnson on the EU [Telegraph]

11 January 2014
'The enemy of my enemy' [Pat Buchanan]

10 January 2014
'As Assad lingers, Turkey focuses on ISIS' [Al-Monitor]
'Libya's badlands' [FT]

9 January 2014
'Whistleblowing is about the message, not the messenger' [Peter van Buren]

8 January 2014
Libyan threat to sink tankers dealing with Eastern rebels [Oil Price]
Россия: carpets on walls explained [RBTH]

7 January 2014
'Audit of major powers': the world's fifteen most powerful countries in 2014 [European Geostrategy] [Trending Central]
US officials say increased radiation in California 'not unsafe' [RT]

6 January 2014
'Illusions' [Fred Reed]

5 January 2014
In 2013 US State Department spent $630,000 on Facebook 'likes' [Yahoo]
'Saudi challenge to US Syria policy' [Al-Monitor]
UK media: David Irving accuses BBC of plagiarism [Telegraph]

4 January 2014
UK: HMS Defender in rapid response drill [DMail]

3 January 2014
'Hitler gets trapped in ice' [youtube] (nsfw lulz)

2 January 2014
Hollande visits Niemandshand [WashPo] [Zero Hedge]

1 January 2014
The Putinator vows complete annihilation of Volgograd perpetrators [Al Jazeera]
'14 most underreported news stories of 2013' [Cracked]
USG orders 14 million doses of potassium iodide [The West Wire]
'What is US supposed to do with Syria?' [Iran Review]

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