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"Anything you can do, I can do meta." Prof. Leon Lipson
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay

28 December 2012
'Americans never give up your guns' [Pravda]

16 December 2012
'An Afghan mystery: why are large shipments of gold leaving the country?' [NYT]

13 December 2012
'NATO aims for a Nobel war prize' [ATimes/Escobar]
ECHR finds CIA abuse of Khaled el-Masri [Guardian]

10 December 2012
FSA implements educational reforms in Syria [Live Leak] [infowars]

9 November 2012
Petraeus resigns [Businessweek]

8 November 2012
'Barry Obama rides again' [Pepe Escobar]

5 November 2012
'Russian sub skirts coast' [Washington Free Beacon]
'Une intervention humanitaire en Syrie, il y a 150 ans' [Le Temps] [voltairenet]

21 October 2012
'Japan, US abandon drill to "retake" isle' (Senkaku/Diaoyu) [Japan Times]
Drone-strike litigation kicks off in Pakistan [Daily Mail]

20 October 2012
'Upto 100 Norwegians join Syrian war' [Norway Post]
'Pampered Princes fling gorilla dust' [NY Times]
Romney interests in vote-machine company Hart Intercivic [Forbes]

19 October 2012
Greenwald on Benghazi [Guardian]

17 October 2012
'Afghanistan's fiscal cliff' [FP]

9 October 2012
Russia-Iraq $4.2 billion arms deal announced [Economic Times] [DefenceTalk] [BBC]
Ironic news: Akcakale attacked by NATO-armed rebels? [RT] [SANA]
Azerbaijan-Iran tension gets legal [Al-Arabiya]

8 October 2012
Venezuela: Chavez wins 6 more years [AP] [RT]
'Snipers, commandos to welcome Merkel in Greece' [CNBC]

6 October 2012
Orkney, centre of ancient Britain [Guardian/Observer]

5 October 2012
Britain facing energy crisis, regulator warns [Telegraph]

30 September 2012
Gaddafi killed by French? [Daily Mail]

28 September 2012
'China delivers crude supertanker to Iran' [Zero Hedge]
FARS recycles The Onion as real news [thelede]

26 September 2012
China's first aircraft-carrier [China Daily]
New Irani drone [Daily Mail]

19 September 2012
'On the freedom to offend an imaginary god' [Sam Harris]
'Eurozone crisis means Britain must now leave EU' [Patrick Minford]
Russia expels USAID [BBC] [FT] [Guardian] [Moscow Times] [Reuters]

18 September 2012
'Europe's fine future as Greater Switzerland' [Charles Crawford]
Saudi and Qatari games in Syria [Time] . . . and Irani Republican Guard [WNT]
Obama/Letterman [CBS]

17 September 2012
Russia reveals source of 'trillions of carats' of industrial diamonds [Daily Mail]

16 September 2012
Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan says attack on Iran 'stupidest idea' [CBS] [HuffPo] [PressTV]
Belarus adopts nuclear power [New American]

14 September 2012
Man rapes duck [Hurriyet Daily]
Senkaku/Diaoyu controversy [Atlantic] (great photos)

13 September 2012
US veterans, retired diplomats warn war with Iran bigger than Afghanistan and Iraq combined [RT]

11 September 2012
Obama to Israel: you're on your own [WSJ]

9 September 2012
'Controversial plan to split up Afghanistan' [Independent]
'Soap opera over Kabul' [Fred Reed]

8 September 2012
'France to fund opposition in Syria' [Hindu]

6 September 2012
Putin interview [RT]

28 August 2012
Syrian FM: 'We believe that the USA is the major player against Syria' [Independent]
Tutu boycotts Blair [Mail]

26 August 2012
'Syrian VP appears in public, ending defection rumour' [Hindu]
RNC: 'where social Darwinism meets theocracy' [Joseph Palermo]

25 August 2012
Libya - 'fighters bulldoze Sufi mosque in central Tripoli' [Reuters]

20 August 2012
"Russian Bear stops Finland leaving euro" [Telegraph]
British intel in Syria 'enabling rebels' [Mail]

17 August 2012
US agencies tamp down hollow-point ammo speculation [Fox]

9 August 2012
Al-Qaida in Syria [CFR] [Asia Times]

14 July 2012
'Iraq-Iran ties grow stronger as Iraq rises from the ashes' [HuffPo]

12 July 2012
'The Syrian opposition: who's doing the talking?' [Guardian]
Saudi wins petro-battle v Iran [Al Arabiya]
'Premier Oil risks Argentine wrath with Falklands deal' [Telegraph]
'UK company strikes US$1 billion deal to pump oil in Malvinas' [Buenos Aires Herald]

10 July 2012
'Threat of Sino-India battle looms large' [India Times] For reference: 1962 Sino-India war [wikipedia]
Local militias in Afghanistan [AlaskaDispatch]
'Bravery and drone pilots' [Greenwald]

5 July 2012
Nova Cidade de Kilamba [BBC] [WND] [Mail]

2 July 2012
Zombie cannibal latest [Indie]

26 June 2012
Reaction to Syrian shoot-down of Turkish jet [SANA] [Ria Novosti] [Time]

24 June 2012
"A cruel and unusual record" [Jimmy Carter]

19 June 2012
'Russia makes last-ditch effort to break Iran nuclear impasse' [Hindu]

18 June 2012
Russia, China, Iran plan "biggest Mid-East maneuver" in Syria [DEBKAfile]

16 June 2012
Nephelim skulls?>! gtfoh!!?!?!?!! [link]

15 June 2012
Craziness du jour [NCR]
Black Sea Fleet ships prepare to go to Syria [Tass]

13 June 2012
Salafi riots in Tunisia [HuffPo]
Syria: Clinton, Lavrov trade allegations [Independent]

12 June 2012
'Syrian crisis: three's a crowd' [Al-Akhbar]
CFR insight: USA concerned about use of drones [CFR]

9 June 2012
Roubini interview [RT]

6 June 2012
The guilty men of the euro [Telegraph]

4 June 2012
'Drone blitz on Pakistan enters third straight day' [Guardian]

27 May 2012
US budget explained [Samizdata]

25 May 2012
'Facebook also a loser in Egypt' [Mark Steyn]
'Going rogue: America's unconventional warfare in the Mideast' [Al Akhbar]

11 May 2012
'Seven days that shook Europe' [FT]
'Composite Americans' [Mark Steyn]

8 May 2012
If Spain goes bankrupt ... [Jim Rogers]

29 April 2012
'Terrorist plots, helped along by the FBI' [NYT]

17 April 2012
Repsol-YPF: 'Argentina's decision endangers friendship with Spain' [Buenos Aires Herald]

15 April 2012
Breaking: massive Taliban attack against Kabul [Guardian] [WashPo] [RT]

14 April 2012
AGW: astronauts blast NASA [HuffPo]

4 April 2012
Syria: Lavrov warns against 'mutual destruction' [BBC]
USA: DHS orders 450 million hollow point bullets [RT] [Market Watch]
International phallophany: India and its new nuclear submarine [Hindu]
'Corzined Marvell Muppets sue Vampire Squid' [zerohedge]

28 March 2012
Argentina claims UK nuclear deployment in South Atlantic [Mail]

27 March 2012
Sudan sends warplanes over South Sudan [McClatchy]

26 March 2012
'Becoming Uzbekistan' [Fred Reed]

20 March 2012
Who said it: Ron Paul or Ron Paul? [FP]

18 March 2012
Gulf widens between USA and Karzai [NYT]

13 March 2012
'Spinning business as usual' [Fred Reed]

12 March 2012
Winning hearts and minds in Afghanistan (continued) [Mail] [BBC] [RT] [Xinhua]

9 March 2012
Greek CDS - 'more lucky than smart' [Reuters]

7 March 2012
Attack against Iran "almost inevitable" - Marc Faber [CNBC]
Bombing Iran "would be sheer madness" - Max Hastings [Mail]

5 March 2012
Putins wins [FT] [Sky] [Bloomberg] [RT] [Moscow Times] [WashPo]

4 March 2012
China: 2012 military budget to exceed $100 billion [Hindu]

3 March 2012
Popularity of Imran Khan 'skyrocketing' [Nation]
Mark Steyn - 'Die, die, foreigners!' [NRO]

1 March 2012
Sofa King stupid?! [Language Log]

20 February 2012
"Virginia House passes NDAA-nullifying bill" [New American]
"Hypnotized into an endless dirty war" [Salon]

18 February 2012
Ron Paul says USA 'slipping into a fascist system' [AP] [Mail] [RT]

17 February 2012
"FBI breaks up latest terrorist plot that it created" [Wonkette]

9 February 2012
"Libya struggles to curb militias as chaos grows" [NYT]
SS revival in Afghanistan [Telegraph]
"Iran worried US might be building 8,500th nuclear weapon" [Onion]

6 February 2012
"Venezuela threatens Britain over Falklands" [Mail]
"US and Egypt clash over Americans accused of conspiracy" [RT] [SFGate] [ABC]

4 February 2012
Irani warships dock in Saudi Arabia [Breitbart] [RT]

1 February 2012
"Taliban will retake control of Afghanistan" [Mail] [Telegraph]
India opts for French fighter jets [Spiegel]

23 January 2012
"Britain, US and France send warships through Strait of Hormuz" [Telegraph]

22 January 2012
Keller on Iran [NYT]

20 January 2012
Obama sends letter to Tehran [Hindu] [Tehran Times] [JPost]

17 January 2012
"The cost of Iranian oil" [Al Jazeera]
"Richard Lindzen: a case against precipitous climate action" [WUWT]

16 January 2012
Militants capture Yamani town of Radda [Fox]

10 January 2012
Flashback 24 April 2002: Ron Paul [youtube] (ty RA)

8 January 2012
"Advice to a generic candidate" [Fred Reed]

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