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"Anything you can do, I can do meta." Prof. Leon Lipson
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay

31 December 2013
Sun undergoes magnetic reversal [RT]
Russian ice-breaker Akademik Shokalskii trapped in Antarctic [DMail] [Guardian] [CNN] [Human Events]
Frappicino/Frappucino legal controversy resolved [Business Insider]
Interview: Egon von Greyerz [GoldSwitzerland]

30 December 2013
Aghanistan war least popular in US history [CNN politicalticker]
'26 ways to be sketchy using online dating' [CollegeHumor]

29 December 2013
Middle East: 'Russian bear steps in' [Global Research]

13 December 2013
Al-Yaman: latest wedding news [CNN]

12 December 2013
'The sky's no limit' (uplifting documentary, 27 mins) [YouTube]

6 December 2013
Who knew?! Groundwater under continental shelves [Sci-News]

22 November 2013
'Historical re-enactments of JFK assassination end in shoot outs, theories' [NewsBiscuit]

20 November 2013
'14 Brits who are secretly Russians' [RBTH]

19 November 2013
Palermo on JFK [jp.c]

18 November 2013
'TEPCO risks all at Fukushima' [ATimes]
Time-lapse of nuclear explosions 1945-1998 [Memolition]
Reuters investigate Pentagon accounting (Part 2 with link to Part 1) [Reuters]

14 November 2013
Al-Qaida apologizes for erroneous decapitation [Telegraph]

1 November 2013
Book review: 'Double Down: Game Change 2012' [WashPo] [CBS] [Business Insider]

26 October 2013
'Best quotes of all time' [dirjournal]

24 October 2013
Cigarettes 'could help people quit hypnotherapy' [News Biscuit]
'Saudi Arabia, the UN and the OIC' [Gatestone Institute]

23 October 2013
UAE and Iran sign Memorandum of Understanding [Global Times] [PressTV]
'Libya: who runs this place?' [Asharq Al-Awsat]

13 October 2013
UK: 'GCHQ accused of monitoring privileged emails between lawyers and clients' [Guardian]

12 October 2013
UK press: Dacre on CiF [Guardian]

11 October 2013
Deep Web goes mainstream [DMail]
'Old game, new enemy: China' [ATimes/Pilger]

10 October 2013
Larry King and Jesse Ventura [RT]
'Gartner's dark vision for tech, jobs' [NetworkWorld]

8 October 2013
'Americans prefer hemorrhoids, witches and fungus to Congress' [CNBC]

4 October 2013
Greenwald v Wark [HuffPo]

3 October 2013
Skyfall cover [youtube]

1 October 2013
Scientists address IPCC re solar minima [Register]
'Fantastically bejewelled skeletons' [Smithsonian]

30 September 2013
'Iraq: greatest non-story of the modern era' [RT]

26 September 2013
'12 true tales of creepy NSA cyberstalking' [wired]

19 September 2013
'Obama-Rouhani: lights, camera, action' [ATimes/Escobar]

12 September 2013
Kevin Mitnick interview [RT]

11 September 2013
New York Times publishes op-ed by Putin [NYT]

4 September 2013
'Prehistoric meteor caused dawn of civilization' [RT]

1 September 2013
Global warming hits Peru [Sky]

15 August 2013
'Egyptian standoff is fraught with civil war' [RBTH]

14 August 2013
NSA etc - 'Time for a Special Prosecutor' [Forbes]

7 August 2013
Legal history: Arkell v Pressdram [Letters of Note] (kthx vix)

6 August 2013
Al Qaida leading rebels to territorial gains in northern Syria [McClatchy]

5 August 2013
Ergenekon verdicts [Spiegel] [Turkish Weekly] [Reuters] [Guardian] [RT]

1 August 2013
Poor Puppy [iceagenow] (sfw lulz)

7 July 2013
Mysteries of Lake Vostok [RT]
Snowden: NSA 'in bed with' Deutschland and most others [Buenos Aires Herald]

3 July 2013
'After Morsi, the geopolitical fallout' [ATimes]

1 July 2013
'Hollande: bugging allegations threaten EU-US trade pact' [BBC]

26 June 2013
Berners-Lee defends internet freedom [Guardian]

25 June 2013
'Ancient texts uncover meritocracy debate' [ATimes]
Putin: 'Snowden is a free person' [RT]

24 June 2013
Syrian rebels behead Bishop Murad [LiveLeak] [Agenzia Fides] [DMail] [CNS]

21 June 2013
Who knew?! 'Syria rebels get Libyan weapons' [NYT]

19 June 2013
UK Supreme Court rules against sanctions against Irani Bank Mellat [WSJ] [Businessweek] [Guardian] [PressTV]

14 June 2013
USA to arm Syrian rebels [Asharq Al-Awsat] [CBS] [DMail] [Guardian]; for reference, Operation Cyclone [wikipedia]

12 June 2013
'Dystopian secrecy fuels clueless wars' [ATimes]

11 June 2013
USA: .22 ammo up more than 400% on year [Breitbart]
A polite critique of liberal intervention [Guardian]

10 June 2013
Ron Paul: Snowden did 'a great service to the American people' [The Hill]

7 June 2013
USA: Clapper confirms PRISM data-mining [Guardian] [Sibel Edmonds]

3 June 2013
Deutschland drops longest word - "Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz" [BBC] [Telegraph] [RT/Keiser]

2 June 2013
Erdogan: social media worst menace to society [Guardian]; Istanbul in pictures [DMail]

31 May 2013
'Insight: Saudi edges Qatar to control Syrian rebel support' [Reuters]
'Meanwhile, in Turkey . . .' [Zero Hedge]

30 May 2013
'The slow suicide of Syria's opposition' [Daily Star Lebanon]
Ibragim Todashev: father asserts execution by FBI [Guardian] [HuffPo] [CBS] [VICE]
'Questions still surround America's drone program' [Rolling Stone]

29 May 2013
'Britain wants its guns back' [commentator]

28 May 2013
'Syria goes hot' [Zero Hedge]

26 May 2013
Adebolajo arrested in Kenya in 2010 and deported to UK [AFP], UK special forces involved [DMail]
'Barry Xmas, war is over!' [Wonkette]

25 May 2013
Carl Bernstein on freedom of the press [Telegraph]

24 May 2013
Stockholm riots [Mail] [Guardian] [Independent]
'To the slaughter' [Mark Steyn]

23 May 2013
Canada: federal court finds fraud in 2011 elections [CBC]

21 May 2013
UK: MI5 and Muslims [Independent]

16 May 2013
Norman Solomon on surveillance of AP [RT]
Syria: field executions in Der Ezzor [syrianews]

15 May 2013
Mozart Bond [youtube]

14 May 2013
Book review: Rumsfeld's Rules [wired]
FSA winning hearts in Syria [Independent] [Guardian]

11 May 2013
Greenwald v Maher [youtube]

10 May 2013
Shit London Awards [Standard]

9 May 2013
When Kerry met Putin [FP]
'Fear and loathing in the EU' [RT]
Drone strikes illegal and war crimes: Pakistani High Court [Times of India] [Hindu] [Independent] [Nation] [RT]

5 May 2013
'Israeli rockets strike Damascus military site' [RT] [Al Jazeera]

29 April 2013
EU ban of apicidal neonicotinoids approaches [DMail] [Indie] [BBC] [Guardian]

28 April 2013
'Former Mossad chief defends decision to defy Netanyahu on Iran' [Times of Israel]
'Syria and sarin gas: US claims have a very familiar ring' [Fisk]

27 April 2013
Graham Fuller: 'absurd' to link Ruslan Tsarni to CIA [Al-Monitor]

25 April 2013
Switzerland to hold referendum on gold [VoR] [SNBCHF]

20 April 2013
'Russia asked FBI to investigate Tamerlan Tsarnaev in 2011' [RT]

19 April 2013
Sarkozy-Gaddafi financial allegations get formal [Mail]

18 April 2013
'FAQ: Reinhart, Rogoff and the Excel error that changed history' [Businessweek]

12 April 2013
'Homeland Security's new $3.9bn headquarters' [Businessweek]

11 April 2013
'Syria behind the lines' [Frontline PBS/youtube]

8 April 2013
Australia and China reach currency trading agreement, by-passing USD [] [WSJ]

7 April 2013
Chopin Nocturne Op. 48 No. 2, Arthur Rubinstein [youtube]

6 April 2013
'Leaving Corruptistan' [Spiegel]

2 April 2013
Lessons in Nederlandse: "onder water" [Spiegel]
'The great Cyprus bank robbery' [Ron Paul]

29 March 2013
Greenwald on domestic drones [Guardian CIF]

28 March 2013
'Will the European unity ruin itself?' [VoR]

26 March 2013
Neuroparasitology: 'There are zombies among us' [Telegraph]

22 March 2013
Cyprus shifts to plan 'DD' [Zero Hedge]

21 March 2013
'21 simple ways to swear like Malcom Tucker' [buzzfeed] (kthx Vix)
Medvedev on Cypriot banking crisis [RBTH]
Iraq: 'You didn't fall... we pushed you' [Al Jazeera]

13 March 2013
'Beijing acts to stockpile Aluminium' [FT]

9 March 2013
Analysis of Sabah crisis [PressTV] [Philippine Star]

5 March 2013
Death of Chavez [ATimes/Escobar] [BBC] [Buenos Aires Herald] [Crawford] [Granma]

3 March 2013
Assad interview [Sunday Times]

2 March 2013
Chad claims to have killed Belmokhtar in Mali [Channel4] [BBC] [Telegraph]
'Syrian rebels expecting European arms' [Asharq Al-Awsat]
China "fully prepared" for currency war [France24/AFP]

28 February 2013
'Why I love Beppe Grillo' [Douglas Carswell]

27 February 2013
Hagel confirmed by 58-41 vote [BBC] [Guardian] [Al Jazeera] [Asia Times] [CNBC] [Daily Beast] [Juan Cole]

26 February 2013
Italian elections: anti-austerity gridlock [Guardian] [Daily Mail]
'Seven myths about the Iraq war' [Nafeez Ahmed]

24 February 2013
'Homeless man in US returns diamond ring to owner' [zeenews] [CNN]

21 February 2013
Huge blast in Dasmascus [VoR]
'Grammar Nazi style' [RT]

15 February 2013
Mining of asteroids and video of Russian metorite [NBC]
'Russia may develop heavily sanctioned Iranian oil' [RBTH]

14 February 2013
'Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying so many bullets?' [Fox]

9 February 2013
'How do you explain drone killings?' [Salon]

8 February 2013
Amnesty [Fred Reed]

5 February 2013
Who knew?! Lots of snow in Moskva [RT]

31 January 2013
'Syria threatens to retaliate after Israeli strike' [BBC] [Asharq Al-Awsat]

26 January 2013
UK conservative on Keynesian economics [John Redwood]

25 January 2013
'Zero Dark Mali' [ATimes/Escobar]
wtf?! Max Keiser on the BBC !? [BBC/youtube]
What Cameron could not say about Europe [Telegraph]
Russian naval activity off Syrian coast [Russia & India Report]

23 January 2013
Lavrov criticizes Western policy in North/West Africa [Reuters]

22 January 2013
English-speaking, Western mujahedin in Algeria, Mali? [Independent]

16 January 2013
Deutschland to repatriate gold [NYT]

14 January 2013
Mali: 'France has opened gates of hell' [Guardian], rebels advance despite airstrikes [Al Jazeera]

13 January 2013
Interview with Manuel Ochsenreiter [syriaonline]

11 January 2013
Crisis in Mali: France intervenes [BBC]

9 January 2013
Oriental drone-games [RT/youtube]
Toby Young on press freedom and Orwell [Telegraph]

8 January 2013
Pollution in Teheran [HuffPo]
"Israel threatens to use veto power if Chuck Hagel confirmed as Secretary of Defense" [The Onion]

7 January 2013
Obama to nominate Hagel, Brennan [The Hill] [Daily Beast] [WashPo]
Ability to defend UK 'perilously diminished' [defencemanagement]
Comment on the El-Masri extraordinary rendition ECHR judgment [Al Jazeera]

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