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"Anything you can do, I can do meta." Prof. Leon Lipson
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay

22 December 2010
Medvedev calls for global nuclear disarmament [Russia Today]
Russian banks may raise interest rates Q1-2011 [Ria Novosti]
Cyberwar latest: now its Bank of America v Wikileaks [finextra]

21 December 2010
Fatwa against ElBaradei [Asharq Al-Awsat]

20 December 2010
The women language translator, ideal Crimbo gift for men [YouTube]
"6 animals that just don't give a f#@k" [cracked]
"$2tn debit crisis threatens to bring down 100 US cities" [Guardian] (snatchper)

19 December 2010
Piers Corbyn predicts mini ice-age [Telegraph]

17 December 2010
Paris Metro urbex [sleepycity]

16 December 2010
Gapminder World (infographic re global demographics, economics etc) [gapminder] (thanks to snatchper)

15 December 2010
Roubini: "The economic policy is still lend, pray and hope" [Telegraph]
Euro "fighting for its life" [Guardian]

13 December 2010
Regulators close Kuwait bureau of Al Jazeera [Al Jazeera]

4 December 2010
Correction: Grauniad does satire [Guardian]
Flashback: "calling newspaper 'The Grauniad' not funny anymore" [newsbiscuit]

3 December 2010
Harvard students sue TSA, plead 4th Amendment [Boston Herald]
New Downfall video from Österreich [youtube]

1 December 2010
"Wikileaks provoke a storm" [MacCleod Cartoons] (snatchper):

29 November 2010
Portland's Christmas-tree affair: latest FBI plot successfully prevented by FBI [Time]
Mark Ruffalo placed on terror advisory list, comments "It's pretty fuckin funny" [SFGate]
"Stop Press: the world is full of bs" [Paul Mason, BBC]
Global warming wipes out UK [WUWT]:

24 November 2010
"Classified papers prove German warnings to Bush" [Spiegel]
New Sino-Russian currency axis [China Daily]

23 November 2010
Blogger defies TSA [Daily Mail] (snatchper)

20 November 2010
Los Angeles contrail controversy: G2 Bulletin claims Chinese missile launch [wnd] [Pitts Report] video [CBS] [nowpublic]
Anatomy of an e-rumor [truthorfiction]

Glenn Greenwald: "Various matters" [salon]

19 November 2010
"Heartless, insensitive old Tory absolutely spot on" [dailymash]

15 November 2010
"Fiscal Crises and Imperial Collapses" by Niall Ferguson [businessinsider]

11 November 2010
Redundant tautologous pleonasm latest: "Psychopathy caused by specific mental deficiencies" [Economist]
TSA cartoon by Steve Kelley (snatchper):

2 November 2010
I think my printer is a terrorist, claim office workers [newsarse]
"US 'knew' of al-Qaida parcel plot" [Al Jazeera]
Cargo plot may end push to relax "nuts" travel checks [Bloomberg]
Social media stats for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear [mashable]

1 November 2010
'Foiled Bomb Plot Sparks Calls for Expanded Military Presence in Yemen' [Atlantic Wire]
Cargo plot: Saudi double-agent 'gave crucial alert' [Guardian]
India may seek extradition of David Coleman Headley [Telegraph]
"A Superpower in Decline" [Spiegel]
Sino-Russian pipeline begins operations (15 million tonnes of crude oil per annum) [China Daily]

27 October 2010
"Campaign Countdown: the Republic of Paperwork", Mark Steyn [steynonline]

10 October 2010
"Today is 101010: The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question" [gizmodo]

6 October 2010
"Politics as a Profession", Roger Scruton [American Spectator]

2 October 2010
Druids recognised as religion by UK Charity Commission [BBC]
"Dutch coalition embraces Wilders" [Al Jazeera]

1 October 2010
Blackwater wins part of £10bn merc deal [wired]

28 September 2010
World gripped by 'international currency war' [Guardian}

27 September 2010
Aliens have deactivated nuclear weapons [Telegraph]
Paul Craig Roberts interview: Americans are living in a police-state [RT/youtube]

25 September 2010
"The geography of prejudice" [alphadesigner]

23 September 2010
Analyses of prospective independence of South Sudan [Economist]  [Al Jazeera]  [Kuwait Times]

21 September 2010
"Is the burning of fossil fuel a significant planetary activity?", Denis Rancourt [activistteacher]

20 September 2010
Europolitics: Sarkosconi spotted in France [Spiegel]

15 September 2010
"The Next Hundred Years War" [Asharq Alawsat]

14 September 2010
"Damning new investigation into Climategate Inquiries" [GWPF] [WUWT]
Le Monde to sue Sarkozy re Bettencourt affair [BBC]
"The Globalization of Insanity" [WaPo]

10 September 2010
Consonants once part of "giant super consonant" [newsbiscuit]

9 September 2010
Fred Reed on the Clash of Civilizations [lewrockwell] (snatchper)
Lots of mud and big logs introduced as anti-terrorism measures [Telegraph]
Nice People Take Drugs [Guardian]
Chinese diplomat "not keen on" Ban Ki-moon or Americans [yahoo]

13 August 2010
USA "bankrupt" [Bloomberg]
Experts call for David Kelly inquest [Guardian]

12 August 2010
Türkiye suspected of using chemical weapons against PKK [Spiegel]

11 August 2010
Kieran Ryan on blood diamonds [lewrockwell] (snatchper)

6 August 2010
Spot-price of an Afghan family set at 5,000 USD [Spiegel]

5 August 2010
Zangari says Loop Current of Gulf of Mexico in peril [yowusa]

4 August 2010
God "gutted" as Jesus signs for Islam [newsbiscuit]
Iran says Ahmadinejad "grenade attack" was firecracker [Al Jazeera]

22 July 2010
"Two hour rule" explained [kenrockwell] (snatchper)

17 June 2010
Palin boob-gate controversy rages on [theregister] (pics) [Wonkette]

14 June 2010
The Great Prize: enormous mineral deposits found in Afghanistan [ABC] [New York Times]
Sunni-Shia schism and its effects [Times]
Violence continues in southern Kyrgyzstan, Bakiyev denies involvement [Al Jazeera] [Moscow Times]

13 June 2010
The Great Game: new government of Kyrgyzstan asks Russians to intervene [Guardian] [Xinhua]

11 June 2010
El Salvador: Clowns protest against criminal impostors [Sky]

21 May 2010
USA politics: Greenwald on the erosion of rights [Salon] (snatchper)
"Britain is the New Greece": Taki [takimag] (snatchper)

20 May 2010
Things not to do with a live eel (most viewed story) [Practical Fishkeeping]

17 May 2010
Facebook: Zuckerberg IMs make waves [Business Insider]

16 May 2010
"Water Bottle" by Cardow, The Ottawa Citizen (snatchper)

15 May 2010
Eurocrisis analyzed [FT] [Al Jazeera]
Flashback: Thatcher explains socialism [Wiki]

13 May 2010
Churchill speech re coalition [Big Government]
USA support Falun Gong [BBC]
Fauré: Ashkenazy [YouTube, music]
Pennsylvania Tax Agency Advert [YouTube]
DJ Tiesto: Barber's Adagio [YouTube, music]

9 May 2010
EU to introduce "European stablization mechanism" by majority, invokes Lisbon clause 122 [Telegraph]
MSM determine airport body scanners are "good news" [NBC Miami] (snatchper)

8 May 2010
"Squatter, 59, holed up in No 10" [Sun]

3 May 2010
India convicts Mumbai attacker [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [NY Times]
Gadhafi interview [Spiegel]
Unsourced report of bombs in Mosul [China Daily]
Real Time Economics Funny Self-Deprecating Fed Economist awards announced (for 2004) [WSJ]

28 April 2010
Norge and Россия approach Arctic deal [Moscow Times]
Anti-Americaine: Clegg attacked over Bruxelles pad [Guardian]
Noah's Ark "found" at Mount Ararat . . . again [Sun]
Mugabenomics latest: GM pays back loan [Lew Rockwell] (snatchper)
Schadenfreude news: American analysis of Euro-crisis [NY Times]
UK politics: Matthew Norman rips Blinky [Indie]
Fashion news: Viking necklace found in Eire []
Images of the Sun [NASA]

22 April 2010
Россия-Украйна deal on Black Sea and gas [Russia Today]
Syria denies transfer of scuds [LA Times]
War-games in strait of Hormuz [Fox]
Hitler slams Downfall copyright claim [Youtube]

20 April 2010
"Most depressing toy ever" [gizmodo] (snatchper)

18 April 2010
Fly me to the Moon news: Karolina Pasierbska [YouTube, music]
Eroglu wins in northern Κύπρος [Telegraph]

16 April 2010
SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of fraud [BBC] [NYT]
Multipolar news: BRIC in business [Russia Today]
Italian media cover Afghan arrests: weapons found in Emergency hospital [Corriere della Sera]
Language news: нормально explained [Moscow Times]
Lawyers "angry" tape destroyed [Fox]

15 April 2010
King Abdullah: war between Yisrael and Hizballah "imminent" {Telegraph]
New news: Karzai to join Taliban [Eric Margolis] (snatchper)
USA and Россия both trying to buy Kyrgyzstan [Moscow Times]
UK: Darth Vader holds press conference [Standard]
AGW news: cold weather caused by low solar activity [BBC] [categories: who knew; really; not news] [WUWT]
G W Bush latest [Letterman/YouTube]

14 April 2010
USA say scuds given to Hizballah by Syria [WSJ]

12 April 2010
Fiat currency news: Eurozone dodges IMF, currency rises v USD and GBP [BBC]
Moskva: Judge Chuvashov shot dead [BBC] [Interfax]

11 April 2010
Kyrgyzstan: Putin denies involvement [Buenos Aires Herald]
NGO news: Italians held in Afghanistan [Al Jazeera]

10 April 2010
Polish president killed in air-crash on Katyn homage [Russia Today] [BBC] [Reuters]
Gold-bugs question level of Canadian bullion reserves [] (snatchper)
Edward explains [the rut/bigeyedeer]:

8 April 2010
Kyrgyz contrarevolution in process [BBC], USA "deeply concerned" [Telegraph]
España: judge Garzon facing trial for abuse of power [Al Jazeera]
Wikileaks video criticized as selective, Assange concedes weapons on ground [Fox]

7 April 2010
Update: Pentagon v Wikileaks [Glenn Greenwald, Salon] (snatchper)

6 April 2010
Buchanan: Dems pushing war with Iran [Russia Today]
Internal tension in Kyrgyzstan [BBC] [EurasiaNet] [RFE/RL]

5 April 2010
Geopolitics: Россия-Venezuela joint venture to develop Hunin-6 oil-field [Russia Today] [Voice of Russia]
Johnson Beharry VC accuses Brown of disrespect [Times] [Metro]
UK: ex-servicemen "largest occupational group in prison" [Times]
"A Superstorm for Global Warming Research" [Spiegel]
USA media: Jon Stewart "most trusted news person" [Russia Today]
Update: 115 Shanxi miners rescued, effort continues [China Daily] [Xinhua] [Bangkok Post] [CBS] [Guardian]
Arms/boys' toys latest: Iran obtains British record-breaking powerboat [FT]

3 April 2010

France: redundant workers threaten to blow up factory [PressTV] [Telegraph] (snatchper)

2 April 2010
UK: Court of Appeal declines invitation to become "Orwellian ministry of truth" [Independent]
Russians identify Dagestani "teenage widow" as Moskva bomber [Al Jazeera]

1 April 2010
FOI: Brown-Balls axis over-ruled Bank of England to sell UK gold reserves [Telegraph] [Mail]
Simon Singh wins libel appeal [BBC]
April Fool's Day: best in UK press [Guardian]
Capitalism in New Jersey: teenage girl sells 7 year old stepsister [LA Times] [MSNBC] [Telegraph]
Unconfirmed video: Umarov/Usman claims responsibility for Moskva attack [World News Australia] [Bloomberg]
Yamani jail-bombing [Al Jazeera]
"meta" news: "Anything you can do, I can do meta" [Language Log]
Badass Alphabet: alliterative awesomeness [unrealitymag]
Россия: Federal List of Extremist Materials [] (tx B)

31 March 2010
Buryatsky: "the Russian bin Laden" [Telegraph]
Scientist defects from Iran to USA [Al Jazeera] [China Daily]
Dalrymple: "Sophisticated Incompetence is Britain's New National Characteristic" [Pajamas Media]

30 March 2010
Mongol winter, harsh [BBC]
Human news: man raped son then tried to kill him, harsh [Sydney Morning Herald]

29 March 2010
"Two female suicide-bombers" on Moskva metro [ABC] [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Fox] [NY Times] [Russia Today] [Telegraph] [Yahoo/AP], Medvedev responds [Kremlin], international sympathy [RT]
Xianging, Shanxi: 153 miners in deep trouble [China Daily] [Xinhua] [Telegraph]
EU: Ellada issues seven-year bond [Al Jazeera]
UK news: RAF essential [Telegraph], existential interceptions [Times]
Unreal news: UK civil servants "need more than ten minutes in the bog" [Telegraph]
USA religious news: Hutaree targeted [ABC] [Fox]
"Liberty and Equality" [BigGovernment]

28 March 2010
British Thalassocracy news: Sankt-Peterburg shipyard to fix HMS Belfast [Russia Today]
Globalization news: Chinese buy loss-making Volvo from Ford [Fox] [Xinhua]
UK: EUskeptic millionnaire running for parliament [PoliticsHome]
Chicagowood news: cuturally enriched remake of "Taxi-Driver" released [Sunday Express]
Details emerge in CIA/Gul Rahman case [Fox] [AP]
Language news - aibohphobia: proof that ailihphiliacs are sadists [Wiktionary] [UD]
Medvedev reaches out to Arab League [Russia Today]
Anglo-America: UK examines "special relationship" [WSJ] [Breitbart]
Brown revenge: UK generals now officially "second class citizens" [Times]
Cyberwar latest: Pentagon v Wikileaks [Salon]
Geoecononomics: Jim O'Neill v Nouriel Roubini [FT]
Flashback (Feb 08): "12 Steps to Financial Meltdown" [RGE]

27 March 2010
LUKOil pulls out of Iran [The Hindu]
AGW guru says he is "learning" [Fox]
Korea: nuclear threats now considered "routine" [Yahoo/AP]
Poll news: what Strayans think Russians think about USA [heraldsun]

26 March 2010
Mark Steyn - "Tattered Liberty" [NRO]
Geopolitics from the left: John Pilger on World War [LewRockwell]
Non-bromance latest: Obama "just dumped Netanyahu" [Times]
Adversative passives: Chinese word of the year [Language Log]
USA econ: incredible shrinking property prices [Gary North] (Jason)
omg literally news: "God to fire Pope?" [ABC]
omg language news: "wog-palaces" in Straya [Guardian]

25 March 2010
USA society: foodies on food-stamps [Salon] (thx Jason)
Most dangerous search terms [downloadsquad]
Revisionism latest: Erdogan accuses Armenians [Asbarez]
More totally new news: "Bin Laden threatens Americans" [Al Jazeera]
YouTube homepage down [Mashable] update: back up
Totally new news: men/women "different" [CNN]
Sea steps up to resolve India/Bangladesh dispute [BBC]
New Russian sport: icicle-roulette [Telegraph]
Malcolm Tucker - tribute to brilliant swearing [YouTube] [category: seriously bad language, yhbw]
Politics: antisphekism "on the rise" [digg]

23 March 2010
Shock! "Obama same as Bush" [Salon] [category: not news]
UK: second-hand politicians for sale on ebay [ITN], accounts suspended [BBC]
Latest universal mystery: "dark-flow" [NatGeo]
Flamewar, 1839

22 March 2010
Cyberwarfare latest [Washington Post]
Bill Clinton speech [WSJ blog]
Who knew - marriage between cousins "not a good idea" [Times]
Qattara Depression: "solve" the Middle East "problem" and manage Mediterranean sea-level at the same time?! [NationMaster]
Latest nuptial news:

21 March 2010
Outrage latest: Grauniadistas "satirically challenged" alternatively "take reality check" [Guardian, comments]
Franco-Russian relations according to Russia Today [geopolitics]
UK general election: politicians deploy secret weapon to win votes
Lord Pearson: lunchy and crunchy [FT]
Baldemort loses it [Mail]

20 March 2010
Visual money [graphic polemic]

18 March 2010
Guthrie rips Brown: "wrong, intemperate and cheap" [Times]

17 March 2010
UK politics: Boudicca denounced as "xenophobic", "euroskeptic" [Indie, comments]

16 March 2010
pwnage news: politically incorrect rottweiler instigates deportation [Mail]

13 March 2010
Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere [ONN]
Delirious egoism news: e-doctors find cure for people who are worried that their personal websites may be a little over the top []
USA: Barbie causes massive race-storm. Really. [ABC]

12 March 2010
USA politics: a libertarian tour d'horizon []

11 March 2010
And then Buddha said ...[]
omgwtf news: top exorcist Gabriele Amorth claims "Devil lives in Vatican" [Telegraph] [Times]

10 March 2010
pic of the day (many thx Jason, Edwin):-

8 March 2010
omg awesome news: Julie London [YouTube, music]
"Going postal" redefined: unfunny trend spreads to France [Mail]

7 March 2010
Darius Guppy explains fractional reserve banking [Telegraph]
Moderate uxoridecapitator fears "radicalization" [Buffalo News]
Essential geopolitical intel from Morgan Institute [Mail]
WMD latest [wattsupwiththat]
Some Canadian guy and Joe get all light-hearted [joebageant]
ARRSE: "Iceland tells UK where to go"
CFR on AGW: "we don't know either"
Who knew - Iraqis not fans of Xe [BBC]
EU: AGW gets pointy [Telegraph]
Cash-crunch in Moskva [Telegraph]
Important BHO speech [YouTube]
Birthers missing bigger picture: is BHO an Avatar? [Barely Political]

6 March 2010
Geert Wilders wins big in Nederland [Brussels Journal], Inquisition notwithstanding [Global Politician]
Admiral Lord Boyce calls out Brown porkies [Indie] [Times]
Latest survey news: aeroplanes reportedly "not bothered" by explosives [Mail]
Just a liddle ironic? [Speccie]
James Sabow: an old/new mystery [CBS]
Billionaire gets retrial on murder charge, mmk?! [CBS]

5 March 2010
AGW rips Baltic [The Local]
List of islands Deutschland could sell to bail out Ellada [wiki]
Conspiracy latest: UK run by Venezia. Really. [tarpley]

3 March 2010
Aid for Ethiopia spent on weapons [United Press International] [category: not news]

29 December 2009
CNN interview with Haskells (second video), go figure?! [mlive]

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