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"Anything you can do, I can do meta." Prof. Leon Lipson
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one." Charles Mackay

17 December 2011
"Libyan scramble for £100bn in assets fractures the peace at Tripoli airport" [Guardian]

16 December 2011
"Libya - divided it stands" [Reuters]

13 December 2011
"Canada to withdraw from Kyoto Protocol" [BBC]

11 December 2011
"The day Europe lost patience with Britain" [Reuters]

8 December 2011
"Man faces death for sleeping with his ex-wife" [Emirates247]

7 December 2011
"War on Iran has already begun" [Guardian]
"Zardari in Dubai for treatement as coup rumours intensify" [Guardian]
"Seeking a shortcut to EU treaty change" [WSJ]

1 December 2011
"Putin prepares the Russian empire to strike back" [Guardian]

29 November 2011
"Arab women fight to defend their rights" [Spiegel]

28 November 2011
"China supports Pakistan in row over NATO border attack" [Guardian]

27 November 2011
Libya sends infiltrators to Syria [Telegraph]

26 November 2011
NATO helicopter attack kills 25+ Pakistani soldiers [Guardian] [Pakistan Today] [Press TV] [Sky] [Telegraph] [Al Jazeera]

25 November 2011
"In positive economic sign, Walmart customers killing each other to buy shit" [Borowitz] (ty snatchper)
"Russia takes full control of Belarus pipeline" [WSJ]
"Syria and the unfolding hegemonic game" [Al Jazeera]

22 November 2011
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal convicts Bush, Blair [Malaysia Star] [CBS]

21 November 2011
"American spies outed, CIA suffers in Lebanon" [AP]
As Cairo riots: flashback - Qattara project

13 November 2011
USGS world oil endowment [wiki]
The new Sykes-Picot [Arabist]
"Republican hopefuls would go to war with Iran" [Telegraph]
First football, now "Qatar in talks with Russia" to develop Yamal Peninsula [Al Arabiya]

11 November 2011
"Israel rushes airliner defenses as Libya leaks SAMs" [Reuters]
"Do the bomb Iran shuffle" [Asia Times]

9 November 2011
"NASA abandons search for intelligent life on earth" [dailymash]

8 November 2011
Medvedev, Merkel open Nord Stream [Spiegel]

7 November 2011
"Lavrov warns against military strike on Iran" [Moscow Times] [Telegraph]
"General Fuller fired for hinting at the truth" [Telegraph]

6 November 2011
"The eurozone decouples from the world" [FT]
Lukashenko: "NATO worse than Nazis" [wireupdate]

4 November 2011
"Eurozone's growing crisis threatens to derail UK's coalition" [City AM]

3 November 2011
"Malaysia bans Obedient Wives Club sex manual" [Guardian]

31 October 2011
"Shared genes with Neanderthals not unusual" [Eurekalert]
"Remains of ancient race of job creators found in Rust Belt" [Onion}

29 October 2011
Marrakech bomber Othmani sentenced to death [wireupdate]

28 October 2011
"Has America become an oligarchy?" [Spiegel]
HMQ "calls for bold reforms in Commonwealth" [Hindu]
West sees Libya as ripe for business [NYT]
"In praise of Ambrose Bierce" [Guardian]

27 October 2011
"Asia's colliding giants" [Al Jazeera]

25 October 2011
Greenspan: EU "is doomed to fail" [CNBC]
Death of Gaddafi "gives rise to a Sharia state" [Human Events]

21 October 2011
Gaddafi: fall of the 'Mad Dog' [defencemanagement]
"Gaddafi's death a cautionary tale" [Asharq Al-Awsat]
"Is America disintegrating?" [Pat Buchanan]
HMQ: "It is an interesting time" [Sky]

20 October 2011
Gaddafi: "Libya's great survivor fails to outlast his enemies" [Telegraph]
Clinton: "We came, we saw, he died" [CBS]

17 October 2011
Eire grants 13 licences for exploration of oil and gas (including Rockall) [RTE]
Roma ipsa loquitur [Ria Novosti]
"When zombies attack" [Big Govt]

15 October 2011
Loyalist action in Tripoli [Asharq Al-Awsat]

14 October 2011
"Insiders voice doubts about CIA's 9/11 story" [Salon]
"The instability of inequality" [Nourini/Al Jazeera]
Robert Heinlein [wikiquotes]
Obama authorizes deployment to Uganda to oppose LRA [abc]

13 October 2011
"LA Times notices 'double standard' on Iran" [Greenwald]

6 October 2011
"The US empire: a tragic comedy in three acts" [Bill Bonner] (ty snatchper)

2 October 2011
"Russia's Arctic embrace: Cold War reloaded" [Human Events]

21 September 2011
London insurers sue Saudis for funding Al Qaida [Mail]
Drone-corp expands in Africa, ME [WashPo]
Afghanistan: Rabbani assassination [Telegraph]
UK news: book-store not looted [Standard] (ty snatchper)

17 September 2011
"Libya: Blair and Gaddafi's secret meetings" [Telegraph] (ty snatchper)

15 September 2011
"The European Caliphate" [Clifford May]

7 September 2011
Deutschland: constitutional court rules on EU bail-outs [BBC]

30 August 2011
"August: deadliest month for US in Afghanistan" [ArmyTimes]
Israel and Iran move ships to Red Sea [ynetnews]

22 August 2011
ECB extends Fed-inspired policy of monetization [Zero Hedge]
Gold advances to record as Platinum climbs [Bloomberg]
"Libya and Bobby Fischer" [Charles Crawford]

12 August 2011
"Pentagon loses contact with hypersonic plane" [Al Jazeera]

11 August 2011
Commentary: the Iraq war [McClatchy]
"British rioters the spawn of a bankrupt ruling elite" [Australian] (ty snatchper)

10 August 2011
"Pentagon testing 13,000 mph unmanned jet" [geekologie]

9 August 2011
UK: police deploy armoured vehicles in London [BNO/wireupdate] [ITN] [RT] [Sky]

9 August 2011
Marc Faber: "The best thing the Fed could do for markets would be to collectively resign" [ZeroHedge]

8 August 2011
"Explosive" tapes of Jackie Onassis to be published [Mail]

7 August 2011
"In valley where SEALs died, US raids boost Taliban support" [McClatchy]

5 August 2011
Libyan TV claims Zlitan hospital attacked by NATO [uruknet]

4 August 2011
"Global stock sell-off accelerates" [FT]
"Sharia law in bid to conquer London" [RT]

3 August 2011
"Gold to hit $2,000 before year end" [Telegraph]
Will US troops stay "longer than planned" in Iraq? [Al Jazeera]

31 July 2011
Book of the month: "On Bullshit" by Harry Frankfurter [Princeton]

27 July 2011
Aircraft carriers in operation [Xinhua]

12 July 2011
Afghanistan: Ahmed Wali Karzai "killed by bodyguard" [Sky]

6 July 2011
"US says Israel's inclusion on terrorist watch list was a mistake" [JTA]

5 July 2011
Deutschland: constitutional court to consider legality of EU bail-outs [Telegraph]

4 July 2011
"Iran ridicules 4th July" [Arutz Sheva]
Hitchens on the Gaza flotilla [Slate]

1 July 2011
Prosecutors lose enthusiasm for DSK case [NY Times]

29 June 2011
France admits arming of Libyan rebels [Guardian] [FT]

25 June 2011
Mark Steyn: "Speechworld vs. Realword" [NRO]
Boris on the ancient Greeks [Mail]

24 June 2011
Corelli Barnett rips UK foreign policy [Mail]

23 June 2011
"Libyan mission could cost UK $415 million" [Hindu]
Wilders acquitted on all charges [BBC] [Guardian] [Reuters], judgment translated by [Volokh]
"5 ways methamphetamine can make you a new person" [Cracked]

10 June 2011
Somali minister detonated by niece [BBC]
Gates questions future of NATO [myway]
"Vote blue, go green, ruin Britain" [Telegraph]

1 June 2011
Virginity testing in Egypt [Warigia Bowman]
Lavrov on Syria, Libya [Bloomberg]

31 May 2011
". . . in this epic game of musical chairs, there are no chairs" [321gold] (snatchper)

30 May 2011
Flashback: "ten notable apocalypses that didn't happen" [Smithsonian]
"Will Bahrain's Arab Spring bear fruit?" [BBC]
Fisk: "who cares in the Middle East what Obama says?" [Independent]
Mumbai - FBI ignored warnings on Headley [Hindu]
Cultural enrichment in the UK - Prof Steve Jones: "Bradford is very inbred" [Mail]

29 May 2011
"Arab nations: new governments, same story" [Al Jazeera]

28 May 2011
"China plans naval expansion, woos Myanmar" [Times of India]
"America's politics of fear" [RT]

27 May 2011
Gwadar: the Sino-Pak shuffle [Al Jazeera]

25 May 2011
Seventeen lost pyramids [BBC]

23 May 2011
Fred Reed on patriotism [Fred On Everything]

21 May 2011
"How to spot a psychopath" [Guardian]
"Translated phrase-list jokes" [Language Log]

20 May 2011
After metals . . . millenarian hedgefunds load up on arable land [NY Observer]

18 May 2011
Eric Schmidt: DNS censorship "disastrous precedent" for free speech [Guardian]

16 May 2011
no, really?! - "conspiracy theorists feast on Strauss-Kahn arrest" [CNBC]

12 May 2011
"US defends frisking of baby at airport" [AP]

11 May 2011
WOTD: "marfanoid" [msnbc]
"Forbes predicts US gold standard within 5 years" [Human Events]
UN sec-gen Ban Ki-moon calls for ceasefire in Libya [The Hindu]

10 May 2011
Abbottabad raid: Pakistan collects remnants of stealth-modified Blackhawk [abc] [Mail]

27 April 2011
COMEX depository downgrades 25% of "registered" Ag. to "eligible" [Zero Hedge]

26 April 2011
Schwarzenegger to EU: "I'll be back" [France 24]

23 April 2011
Libya: rebels claim "Misurata is free" [Al Jazeera]

20 April 2011
"Panic in Egypt over Muslim Brotherhood's call for Islamic rule" [Asharq Al-Awsat]

21 April 2011
Mel Gibson on toothpaste [Deadline]

9 April 2011
"Let me bomb you in peace" [Asia Times]

8 April 2011
Eurozone: "political risk is everywhere" [Independent]

7 April 2011
"NATO fears war without end in Libya" [Spiegel]

6 April 2011
As eny fuel kno?! "Rush to use crops as fuel raises food prices" [NYT]

30 March 2011
Obama: toppling brutal dictator a "dumb war" [CNS]
"A brief history of the United States" [Fred Reed] (snatchper)
Neonicotinoids implicated as apicidal [Independent]

22 March 2011
Greenwald on Libya [Salon]

21 March 2011
Corsican air-base used by France against Libya is named after pilot rumoured to be father of Gadaffi [Voice of Russia]
"US bombs Libya, helps ... jihadists?!" [Rolling Stone]

19 March 2011
Liberty Dollar case: "unique form of domestic terrorism" busted [courierpress] [citizen-times] (snatchper)

11 March 2011
"Russia warns the West against interference" [The Hindu]

10 March 2011
lmao: UK medical slang [Mail]

9 March 2011
"Obama does not get it" [Al Jazeera]
Dannatt on Libya [Telegraph]
Moderate uxoridecapitator Muzzammil Hassan sentenced to 25 years [HuffPo] [BBC]

8 March 2011
"On Libya, too many questions" [WashPo]

7 March 2011
Roubini predicts oil will hit $150 [Forbes]
Obama asks Saudis to airlift arms to Benghazi [Independent]

2 March 2011
Franfurt airport shooting: two dead [BBC] [Spiegel]
Analysis: EU exports of arms to Libya [Guardian Datablog]
"The West Condemns State Violence in the Middle East" [MacLeodCartoons]:

1 March 2011
Ron Paul on US policy in Middle East [ABC]

21 February 2011
British PM in Cairo [Breitbart]
US navy blocks Irani flotilla, delays Suez transit [DEBKAfile]
"Lords of the Realm" [FP]
"The end of Qaddafi?" [Slate]

17 February 2011
"Record snowfall revives 2000 glaciers" [Times of India]

15 February 2011
Lavrov in London for talks [RT]
"Eight die in Caucusus gun battle" [Reuters]
Taliban warn Pakistani government not to release Raymond Davis [Reuters]
Geeks plan to decentralize the internet with "Freedom Box" [NYT]
New old news: Iraqi defector admits falsity of WMD claims [Guardian]

14 February 2011
Controversy as Sarrazin invited to speak at London School of Economics [Independent]

7 February 2011
wtf?!! Guardian condemns UK naval reduction [Guardian]

3 February 2011
AGW hits northern hemisphere (image from NOAA):

2 February 2011
Bill Gates: "it's not that hard to to shut the internet down" [The Register]

31 January 2011
"The Pharaoh in the Führerbunker" [Spiegel] (snatchper)

30 January 2011
UK immigration officer places wife on terror watch list [Mirror]

29 January 2011
"The domino-effect: pan-Arab unrest" [Al Jazeera]
"Thousands in Cairo defy curfew" [Al Jazeera]
John Wheeler "died after assault" [CNN] [delawareonline]
wtf?! "Afghans plan to stop recruiting children as police" [NYT]

27 January 2011
"Ten creepy plants that shouldn't exist" [cracked]

23 January 2011
"Davos 2011: here comes the Russian bear" [Telegraph]
New European terrorist alerts by John Cleese [Marions Space]

22 January 2011
FP goes haywire: "Seymour Hersh unleashed" [FP] "Seymour Hersh, the Knights of Malta, and me" [FP] "Here's a hot tip for Seymour Hersh" [FP]
lmao latest: World "in a coma" and "sinking into the sea" [Daily Mail] [Telegraph]

21 January 2011
Russo-Afghan rapprochement [RT]
"Jordanians stage price protests" [Al Jazeera]
Animal-loving atheists set up Post Rapture Pet Care [link]
"Government to deploy riot scouts" [dailymash]

20 January 2011
"Blair to do 'You can't handle the truth' speach at Iraq enquiry" [newsbiscuit]
List of countries by proven oil reserves [wikipedia]
"Yes, Virginia, a climate cover up" []

17 January 2011
"The brutal truth about Tunisia" [Independent]
Tim Congdon makes "the case for central banks" [Critical Reaction]

12 January 2011
Soft war in the Ivory Coast [Asharq Al-Awsat]
Liberals at war: Greenwald rips Guardian over Wikileaks [Salon] (snatchper)

11 January 2011
China reveals new weapon: most awesome marine camouflage ever [Telegraph]
Roubini interview [Spiegel]
"The state's pedlars of fear must be brought to account" [Simon Jenkins, Guardian]

5 January 2011
Chinese stealth fighter pictured [WSJ]

4 January 2011
Police investigating death of presidential aide John Wheeler [Telegraph]
In UK it is now a crime to prevent crime [Guardian]
Man bites dog latest: Icelandic politico sues newspaper [Reykjavik Grapevine]

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