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28 December 2015
'How Big Oil conquered the World' [James Corbett]

22 December 2015
Gastronomic news: soup for sluts, homo sausage, megapussi and other delicacies [DMail]

17 December 2015
пресс-конференция Владимира Путина [Gazeta]
Trump: 'speaking the unspeakable' [CounterPunch]

16 December 2015
'A special relationship: US teaming up with Al Qaeda again' [Harper's/Andrew Cockburn] [Russia Insider]
'Saudi Arabia rallies Sunni boots to fight terror' [M K Bhadrakumar]

15 December 2015
Putin the Immortal [DMail]

14 December 2015
Iran claims Yamani forces sink Saudi warships [Fars]

13 December 2015
AGW latest: first snow in Cairo for 112 years [Al Arabiya] [Egyptian Streets] [HuffPo] [Mirror]

10 December 2015
'Copper, aluminium and steel collapse to crisis levels' [Contra Corner]

9 December 2015
Bahetle-Obama controversy ignites internet [Twitter] [RBC]

7 December 2015
Obama: 'the incredible shrinking president' [Consortiumnews]
Iraq: Sunnistan emerges? [Al-Monitor]

3 December 2015
Путин: За военное преступление Турция не отделается помидорами [Regnum]

2 December 2015
'Cameron's McCarthyite smear' [Peter Oborne]
Erdogan on Gollum meme: 'We hates it. We hates it forever.' [Foreign Policy]

1 December 2015
'Climate change in US-Russia ties' [M K Bhadrakumar]
'Iraqis think US in cahoots with Islamic State' [WaPo]

30 November 2015
'70,000 Kalashnikovs: Cameron's "moderate" rebels' [Robert Fisk]
Putin: Su-24 shot down to protect Daish oil deliveries [Sputnik] [Express] [IBT]

25 November 2015
13th Russo-Turkish war kicks off [BBC] [CBS] [CNN] [Guardian] [RT] [Telegraph] - for reference [Wikipedia]
Religious warriors now using Tao missiles, according to UK Daily Mail

22 November 2015
'Will chess, not battleship, be the game of the future in Eurasia?' [Pepe Escobar]

19 November 2015
'US not sure who it's fighting in the Middle East' [DuffelBlog]

18 November 2015
UK: Sir David Richards calls Syrian policy 'contradictory' [RT]

16 November 2015
'Grasping the motives for terror' [Consortiumnews]
'US approves $1.29bn sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia' [Al-Monitor]

10 November 2015
Россия и Путин: 'The Czarlings' and Katerina Shamalov [Reuters]

9 November 2015
'US not interested in defeating ISIS' [Sharmine Narwani]

7 November 2015
'Why did Kerry visit central Asia?' [NEO]

6 November 2015
British civil flight to Sharm El Sheikh evaded missile on 23 August 2015 [DMail]
'Turkey: the phantom election' [CounterPunch]

4 November 2015
'Chalabi legacy of lies' [Robert Parry]
'Wanted: a decent leader for France' [CapX]
Jeb explains 'French workweek' [The Hill]

3 November 2015
'Mid-air blast possible cause of Russian plane crash' [ATimes]
'Кремль призвал не связывать операцию в Сирии и авиакатастрофу А321' [Forbes]
'Two centuries of Russian surprises - why are we surprised?' [Russia Insider]
US: President Doesn't Give a Fuck mocks GOP dildo-sniffers [Wonkette]
Iraq: discussion of Daish dollarization [Zero Hedge]
'With or without you: Germany and NATO' [War on the Rocks]
'Western mainstream extremism' [James Petras]

2 November 2015
'How Valeant got vaporized' [David Stockman]
'From Blair to Assad, responsibility for IS must be widely shared' [Middle East Eye]

30 October 2015
China Sea blues and 'the senator from PTSD' [Fred Reed]
Ez az úr fog mindent kifizetni: Orban criticizes Soros [RT]

29 October 2015
'The Caliph at the gates of Vienna' [Pepe Escobar]

28 October 2015
'Genies and genocide' [NEO]

19 October 2015
Mexico: 'historic building emerges from underwater' [Sky]

17 October 2015
'Obama to continue airstrikes on hospitals in Afghanistan beyond 2016' [DuffelBlog]
'Native son rises in Saudi Arabia' [M K Bhadrakumar]

12 October 2015
Syria: 'Russian jets strike 53 ISIS targets in last 24 hours' [Russia Today]
La France et la Syrie, selon Thierry Meyssan [Voltairenet]

11 October 2015
'Ohne die USA: Russland und Iran übernehmen Führungsrolle im Irak' [Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten]

7 October 2015
Syria: Russians launch missiles from Caspian [RT] [DMail]

28 August 2015
'Bitcoin technology piques interest on Wall St' [NYT]

10 August 2015
Rise of Daish/ISIS: 'a willful Washington decision' [Russia Today]

7 August 2015
'Billionaire blowhard exposes fake political system' [CounterPunch]

20 July 2015
'Hidden origins of Syria's civil war' [Consortiumnews]

10 July 2015
US: 'Trump's ascent tests GOP chairman' [The Hill]
'Dear Britain, there is life outside the EU' [Telegraph]

8 July 2015
Obama: 'we're speeding up training of ISIL' [ConservativePost] [Infowars]

6 July 2015
Greek demopsephisma: OXI [RT] [Independent]

4 July 2015
'Wikileaks: US wiretapped Brazilian presidents' [USA Today] [RT]

3 July 2015
'Not learning from Mideast mistakes' [William Polk]
'Europeans tried to block IMF debt report on Greece' [Reuters]

30 June 2015
'Care and feeding of a financial black hole' [Dmitri Orlov]

23 June 2015
Jeux français en Libye, ou l'argent parle [Al-Monitor] [Bourg Socialisme Avenir]
'NATO-Russia collision ahead?' [Pat Buchanan]

22 June 2015

'Lebanese Sunnis sympathetic towards Da'ish?' [CounterPunch]

4 June 2015
'Pentagon to bypass Iraqi army and supply ISIS directly' [DuffelBlog]

20 April 2015
افغانستان: 'ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other' [Khaama Press]

1 April 2015
'Erdogan takes swipe at Iran' [Al-Monitor]

25 March 2015
Saudi-Yamani war kicks off [NYT] [BBC] [Al Jazeera] [DMail]
'US declassifies document revealing Israel's nuclear program' [Arutz Sheva]

24 March 2015
Україна: Poroshenko-Kolomoiskii dispute [KyivPost] [RT] [BBC] [Business Insider]
'Are NGOs agents of subversion?' [Pat Buchanan]

20 March 2015
'Iran and the Yemeni hornet's nest' [Asharq Al-Awsat]

13 March 2015
UK: 'Justine Milliband not allowed in the big kitchen' [thedailymash]

8 March 2015

6 March 2015
Comments on Daish and Saudi Arabia [Jamestown Foundation]

4 March 2015
Bibi's Congress speech remixed by Noy Alooshe [ynet] [YouTube]

1 March 2015
'Turkey's foreign policy after the Arab Spring' [Iran Review]

25 February 2015
'Why the rise of fascism is again the issue' [John Pilger]

24 February 2015
'Russia and Abu Dhabi in talks to develop airport in Cuba' [The National]
'What Putin really wants' [The National Interest]

23 February 2015
Iraqi legislator claims two British planes crashed in Iraq [Fars News]
'US resets the Afghan chessboard' [M K Bhadrakumar]

22 February 2015
'Year of the Sheep, Century of the Dragon?' [TomDispatch]
Nixon-Pompidou 1971 [Koos Jansen]

16 February 2015
"Cock holster" explained [DuffelBlog]

13 February 2015
'Playing with fire in an Age of Absurdity' [CounterPunch]
'The Middle East that might have been' [The Atlantic]
Who knew?! USAID to Daish [Al-Monitor]

12 February 2015
UK: 'Fifty Shades effect blamed for rise in stupid bullshit' [NewsBiscuit]

7 February 2015
Economics explained [Fred Reed]

6 February 2015
'Whose job is it to kill ISIS?' [Pat Buchanan]
'Who is Saudi activist Raid Badawi?' [Al-Monitor]

30 January 2015
Astronomy: animated history of the Moon [imgur]

28 January 2015
Libya: 'secret tapes undermine Hillary Clinton' [Washington Times]
'Kurdish victory in Kobani a defeat for Turkish policy' [Al-Monitor]
Anthropology: '11 fathers of Asia' [DMail]

27 January 2015
'Experts unmask "Regin" Trojan as NSA tool' [Spiegel]
'The Persians are coming!' [Pat Buchanan]
'Empire of Chaos in the House' [RT/Escobar]
'Unravelling the mystery of Boko Haram' [CounterPunch]
'Oil wars: pop! goes the weasel' [NEO]

26 January 2015
Melilla: 'Europe or die' [Vice News]
'Neocons dig in to bomb-bomb Iran' [Pillar/Consortiumnews]

23 January 2015
UK: 'page 3 to feature extracts from Chilcot enquiry' [NewsBiscuit]
'6 viral stories that were total bs' [Cracked]

10 January 2015
'Pan-Arabia Enquirer "not offensive enough" say disappointed jihadists' [Pan-Arabia Enquirer]

7 January 2015
New outrage: pavement shot dead in European capital [liveleak], surviving pavements adorned in solidarity [Guardian]

5 January 2015
Al-Sisi on Islam [Toronto Sun]

1 January 2015
'Afghanistan: America's longest war' [DuffelBlog]

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