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"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." George Carlin
"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." George W Bush
“All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth." Friedrich Nietzsche [modern composite quotation]
“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy.” Charles Manson
"What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is." Dan Quayle
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29 December 2017
American UN ambassador Nikki Haley confirms Russian interference in Binomo [Checkpoint Asia] [The Hill] [Independent] [Newsweek] [NY Post] [RT]

24 December 2017
Россия: Yamal LNG project [Bloomberg] [William Engdahl] [NEO] [Total]

18 December 2017
USA: publication of new National Security Strategy [Al Jazeera] [Al-Monitor] [BBC] [Consortiumnews] [DMail] [Pepe Escobar] [Hürriyet] [Thierry Meyssan] [RT] [Slate] [Telegraph] [War on the Rocks] [Xinhua]

16 December 2017
Missing in the USA: $21 trillion [Forbes] [RT]

15 December 2017
Prosecution and conviction of Alexei Ulyukaev: Алексею Улюкаеву дали восемь лет строгого режима [BBC] [DW] [Meduza] [Pravda] [Telegraph]

11 December 2017
中国 China: largest floating solar power project [Bloomberg] [China Daily] [Independent] [Japan Times] [ltaaa] [phys.org] [Time]

10 December 2017
Greenwald on fake news, CNN, MSNBC and CBS [Zero Hedge]

7 December 2017
'Polish ruling party replaces PM ahead of election' [Reuters]

1 December 2017
Türkiye issues warrant to arrest ex-CIA Graham Fuller [BBC] [CNN] [Hürriyet] [Middle East Eye] [Politico] [Reuters] [Sputnik]

29 November 2017
'Money imperialism' [Michael Hudson]

28 November 2017
UK: Palmer & Harvey in administration [FT] [Guardian] [Independent] [Reuters] [Telegraph] [Times]

26 November 2017
'American policy totally failed in Syria' [Salon]

22 November 2017
'Inconvenient truths about migration' [Robert Skidelsky]

21 November 2017
USA: 'inability to admit reality' [Thierry Meyssan]

12 November 2017
UK: PM Theresa May under pressure [Guardian] [iNews]

11 November 2017
'Bombshell revelation of US and Saudi culpability in creating ISIS ignored by mainstream media' [Jim Jatras/Strategic Culture]
USA: 'controlling the narrative' [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Al Jazeera interview: Hamid Karzai [Al Jazeera] [Pakistan Today]
UK: secret funeral of Ian Brady [Business Insider]
AGW: 103 year record cold low for New York City [DMail] [NYPost] [WUWT]
Warszawa: central European white nationalism on the streets [BuzzFeed] [CNN] [Independent] [Politico] [Telegraph] [WashPo] [WSJ]

Morocco World Cup qualification celebrated in Bruxelles [BBC] [Reuters] [RT] [Sun]

10 November 2017
Analysis: 'the 2011 conspiracy against Syria' [Newsbud]
'Iran taking Saudi rhetoric, actions seriously' [Al-Monitor]

9 November 2017
Размножаться как кролики: Poland, rabbit-nation
[dziennik.pl] [360tv.ru] [TweetyBoga]

8 November 2017
Western media "more interested in infotainment than analysis" [Professor Steve Keen]

6 November 2017
'Harvey Weinstein's army of spies' [Ronan Farrow/New Yorker]

5 November 2017
Existentialism, propaganda and correct usage of the word "nice" [Edward Curtin]
محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎‎: internal Saudi politics attract comment [Al Arabiya] [Alastair Crooke] [Indian Punchline] [PressTV] [Reuters] [RT] [Sic Semper Tyrannis]

31 October 2017
'Inside Russia's love-hate relationship with Bitcoin' [The Verge]

28 October 2017
'Qatar confesses secrets behind Syrian war' [Zero Hedge]

27 October 2017
'In Trump world, the uranium deal approved by Clinton is Watergate and worthy of the chair’ [WashPo]

24 October 2017
BTC: asset, currency, commodity or collectible? [Aswath Damodaran] [Zero Hedge]

23 October 2017
Analysis: UK, Mauritius and Chagos Archipelago [NEO]

22 October 2017
'Kirkuk bell also tolls for US strategy in Syria' [M K Bhadrakumar]

21 October 2017
'Xi's roadmap to the Chinese Dream' [Pepe Escobar]

20 October 2017
'Clinton, Assange and the war on truth' [John Pilger] [Consortiumnews]

19 October2017
'The human race as feral dogs' [Fred Reed] [Unz Review]

17 October 2017
USA: Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation [Business Insider] [Commentary Magazine] [The Hill] [mrctv] [National Review] [Newsweek] [Mark Steyn]

4 October 2017
Catalunya: region asserts independence from España [BBC] [DMail] [Reuters] [RT] [Zero Hedge]

3 October 2017
Thierry Meyssan on Myama-Myanmar-Burma [Voltairenet]

23 September 2017
UK: 50 years of conservation areas [Telegraph]

22 September 2017
Brexit: reaction to speech of Theresa May in Firenze [BBC] [Express] [Guardian] [Independent] [Trevor Kavanagh] [Politico] [Reaction] [Telegraph]

17 September 2017
Pусский герой Станислав Петров Stanislav Petrov: obituaries [NYTimes] [RT]
'Dealing with North Korean missiles' [Mel Gurtov]

15 September 2017
Analysis: Russian diplomacy in MENA [Al-Monitor]
'Orban launches new campaign against Soros' [Breitbart]

6 September 2017
Xi: North Korea requires diplomatic solution [Reuters]

4 September 2017
Petrogeopolitics: China prepares Yuan/RMB denominated oil benchmark backed by gold [King World News] [Nikkei] [OilPrice] [RT] [Russia Insider] [Zero Hedge]

3 September 2017
George Galloway: Blair is a traitor [Westmonster]

2 September 2017
Homages to Syria [CounterPunch] [Sic Semper Tyrannis]

1 September 2017
Trump, Pakistan and Afghanistan [NEO]

29 August 2017
USA: JP Sottile talks blatherati and plunderbund [Consortiumnews]

27 August 2017
ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រកម្ពុជា Cambodia expels National Democratic Institute (NDI) [Bangkok Post] [NEO] [Reuters]

22 August 2017
John Feffer on North Korea: 'Trump and the geopolitics of crazy' [TomDispatch]

15 August 2017
'Blair paid by the UAE while working as Middle East envoy' [Independent]

12 August 2017
Google cult fires non-conformist Damore [ars technica] [CNBC] [DMail] [Fortune] [Guardian] [NYTimes] [TechCrunch] [WSJ]

11 August 2017
'New study reveals what British public wants from Brexit' [BuzzFeed] [Guido Fawkes]

9 August 2017
Золото: 'Russia buys tons of gold in response to Western sanctions' [Pravda]

8 August 2017
US: 'after the coup, what then?' [Pat Buchanan]

1 August 2017
'Study By Germany Physicists Concludes We Can Expect Climate Cooling For Next 50 Years' [NoTricksZone]

31 July 2017
UK public law: High Court dismisses application for judicial review re private prosecution of Blair Al Rabbatt v Westminster Magistrate's Court [2017] EWHC 1969 (Admin) [BBC] [DMail] [Guardian] [ITV] [RT] [Telegraph]

30 July 2017
'22 Fucking Funny Tumblr Posts Every British Person Will Appreciate' [Buzzfeed]

28 July 2017
'Richest people in history' [Money Project]
Petrogeopolitics: 'countdown to war on Venezuela' [Moon of Alabama]
'Bipartisanship! The Evil Party and Stupid Party Team Up to Cripple Trump' [Strategic Culture]
'US sanctions bill a win for Russia' [National Interest]
Mikhail Lesin: "everyone thinks he was whacked" [BuzzFeed]
Language news: 'Scaramucci: "Priebus Is A F**king Paranoid Schizophrenic", slams Bannon, wants to "Kill" leakers' [ZeroHedge] [IBTimes] [RT]

27 July 2017
Gareth Porter on Obama and Syria [American Conservative]
'Hegemony is a three-player game' [James Rickards]
'Terrorist leaders surrender after Trump bans transgender troops' [DuffelBlog]
Zapad 2017: 'Pentagon on alert as Russia preps for huge military exercise' [RealClear Defense]
Сиби́рь: a history of Russian colonization [RBTH]
Но́вая Сиби́рь - cryptocurrency #btce: BTC-e offline, Aleksandr Vinnik under arrest [bitcoin.com] [coindesk] [coinidol] [Coinspeaker] [Finance Magnates] [Jackobian] [Reuters] [RT]

26 July 2017
European reaction to proposed new US sanctions [Deutsche Welle] [Reuters] [RT] [Vice]
Imran Awan and #Wassergate: 'flight and fancy' [Mark Steyn]

25 July 2017
Syraq SITREP 21 [RogueMoney]
Sikkim-Doklam: 'India-China war of words becomes more critical' [Asia Times]; 'a power play by New Delhi' [Global Times]; 'tiny Bhutan remains the wild card' [South China Morning Post]

24 July 2017
'Country matters' [Mark Steyn]

21 July 2017
'Venezuela under siege' [CounterPunch]
'US plan to (re)occupy Iraq faces resistance' [Indian Punchline]
Afghanistan: 'from Soviet occupation to American liberation' [Oriental Review]

19 July 2017
Trump ends Operation Timber Sycamore [21Wire] [Defense One] [Disobedient Media] [Irrussianality] [MintPress] [Unz Review] [WashPo]
A short history of the British Empire [Capitalist Exploits]

18 July 2017
Operation Timber Sycamore: details emerge of CIA operation in Syria [Sputnik] [Voltairenet] [ZeroHedge]

17 July 2017
Conversation with Mohammad Javad Zarif [Council on Foreign Relations]
'The Deep State then and now' [Edward Curtin]

14 July 2017
'Turkey buys Russian advanced missile system for $2.5 billion' [ZeroHedge]
'Must see neocon TV' [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
'Cashless quest just surged forward' [Forbes]

13 July 2017
UK Supreme Court: hearing of Phil Ivey v Genting Casinos UK Ltd [DMail]
'Authorities nix notion of bitcoin banking in Egypt' [Al-Monitor]

12 July 2017
'Vladimir Vladimirovich, where is the cheese?' [Dmitry Orlov]

11 July 2017
'The G20 from Hell' [Pepe Escobar]

8 July 2017
'Dear CNN ...' [Llama]

7 July 2017
'Die USA nutzen ihr Gas als außenpolitisches Instrument' [Spiegel]
'Hiding US lies about Libyan invasion' [Consortiumnews]

5 July 2017
'Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK' [Henry Jackson Society] [BBC] [Business Insider] [DMail] [Guido Fawkes] [Forces Network] [Guardian] [Independent] [PressTV] [Shiraz Socialist] [Telegraph]
UK public law: High Court to consider immunity of Blair for crime of aggression [Independent] [RT]
European companies enter Iran [PressTV]
'This is how China is increasing global power' [Capitalist Exploits]

4 July 2017
Глава МИД Польши заявил о невозможности Украины попасть в ЕС «с Бандерой» [gazeta.ru]
'Donald Trump vs the 4th Estate' [Thierry Meyssan]

3 July 2017
'Russia-China tandem shifts global power' [Ray McGovern]

23 June 2017
Qatar reacts to Saudi ultimatum [Al Arabiya] [Al Jazeera] [Al-Monitor] [American Conservative] [Guardian] [Middle East Eye] [Reuters] [RT] [Zero Hedge]
CNN: 'very fake news' [Breitbart]
Brexit and the Economist Intelligence Unit [Guido Fawkes]

21 June 2017
'Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's prince of chaos' [Middle East Eye]
BTC in perspective [howmuch.net]

20 June 2017
'Trump's love affair with the Saudis' [TomDispatch]
UK: how the BBC works [Guido Fawkes]
Important fashion update: UK pussy [Metro]

19 June 2017
Syria: 'Russian military halts Syria sky incident prevention interactions with US' [RT] [Al-Monitor] [Consortiumnews] [Pat Buchanan] [CounterPunch]
'State Department warns Hungary: anti-Soros law another step away from NATO' [Washington Examiner]

17 June 2017
'Washington's dangerous Middle East agenda' [NEO]

16 June 2017
'EU, Brexit and British elections' [Binoy Kampmark]

13 June 2017
US: 'liars lying about nearly everything' [Philip Giraldi]

12 June 2017
Canadian climate change study postponed because of 'extreme ice' [Breitbart] [DMail] [Global News] [University of Manitoba] [Winnipeg Free Press] [Vice]

10 June 2017
'The United States and Iran: two tracks to establish hegemony' [James Petras]

8 June 2017
Analysis of Saudi-Qatari tensions [London Review of Books]

7 June 2017
Aleppo boy Omran Daqneesh emerges in controversy [Corbett Report] [WashPo]

5 June 2017
'Trump and the American decline' [Graham Fuller]
'Arab League v Qatar: how it all started' [RT]

4 June 2017
Corbyn on terrorism: 'we do need to have some difficult conversations' [ABC] [BBC] [PressTV] [RT]

2 June 2017
Путин: Западные коллеги на голову нам сели, ноги свесили и жвачку жуют [Rossiiskaya Gazeta]

29 May 2017
'Things that Saudis can't buy off' [Indian Punchline]

27 May 2017
Zbigniew Brzezinski obituaries [Patrick Armstrong] [DMail] [Moon of Alabama] [NYTimes] [PressTV] [RT] [Russia Insider] [Telegraph] [WashPo]

27 May 2017
'The merchandising of virtue' [Nassim Nicholas Taleb]

26 May 2017
'US revisiting its Syria policy?' [NEO]
'The Deep State is the State' [CounterPunch]

25 May 2017
Американская схема "Прощай, оружие" приносит доход [RIA Novosti]

22 May 2017
Al-Sisi on terrorism [YouTube]

21 May 2017
Ron Paul interviews Nassim Nicholas Taleb [ZeroHedge]
'Uyghur colonies in Syria a challenge for Beijing' [Times of Israel]

19 May 2017
'How The Economist thinks' [Current Affairs]
'The open secret of foreign lobbying' [Consortiumnews]
'Getting Assange: the untold story' [John Pilger]

18 May 2017
Songify the News 14: 'Trump vs Comey' [schmoyoho]

16 May 2017
'Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich shared 44,053 Democrat emails with WikiLeaks' [Zero Hedge] [Wonkette]
'It's #Fakenews Day - on North-Korea, Syria and the US President' [Moon of Alabama]

15 May 2017
If this woman were bricks and mortar, she’d definitely be my kinda sorta [Bidwells] - architectural gems in England [Telegraph]

11 May 2017
War: 'sometimes less is more' [TomDispatch]

10 May 2017
Syria: 'justice dangles from a tree' [Christopher Black]
UK: new social menace identified as avocados [Guardian] [Metro]

9 May 2017
Venezuela: petropolitics and military drills [MintPress]

6 May 2017
Fake news and Asian autocrats [NEO]

24 April 2017
'Emmanuel Clinton v Marine LeTrump' [Pepe Escobar]

22 April 2017
'Trump's North Korea Armada was fake news' [James Corbett]

21 April 2017
«Frexit tu m'excites!» [France24]
USA: DoJ and Assange [Binoy Kampmark]
'How to talk like a Russian diplomat' [Moscow Times]

20 April 2017
Euroland according to William Engdahl [NEO]

18 April 2017
UK: PM Theresa May calls general election for 8 June 2017 [DMail]

16 April 2017
'Ending nuclear lawlessness' [In the Human Interest]

13 April 2017
AFP Assad interview [Agence France Presse] [Al Jazeera] [BBC]
'Syria strikes: who is 666D chessing whose interuniversal Go sequences?' [Anatoly Karlin]
Wonkagenda [Wonkette]
Massive Attack: GBU-43B MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) [Aviationist] (text and video)

12 April 2017
Lavrov-Tillerson meeting in Moskva [Al-Monitor] [AP/newsmax] [Consortiumnews] [DMail] [Guardian] [Regnum] [TASS]
Peter Lee on Trump, Xi and Dalai Lama [China Matters] (text and video)

10 April 2017
'Syria issues travel ban on US missiles' [DuffelBlog]
'3 Russian theories why US hit Syria' [Al-Monitor]
'Global turmoil: flatulence or substance' [James Petras]

7 April 2017
Медведев заявил, что «машина власти» сломала Трампа [ura.ru]

28 March 2017
Medical commentary on White Helmets material [TruePublica]
'China from the inside out' [Mel Gurtov]
John McMurtry on fake news [21Wire]

27 March 2017
Brexit: 'everything you need to know' [Guardian]
UK: 'Shetland find lifts North Sea oil hopes' [Times]
WhatsApp and terrorism [Guido Fawkes]
Robert Fisk on Syria [CounterPunch]
'5 reasons to watch Rouhani's visit to Russia' [Al-Monitor]
Climate: mathematics of mitigation [WUWT]
Second anniversary of Saudi-Yamani conflict [BBC]

26 March 2017
'Russia-Iran strategic ties keep US guessing' [M K Bhadrakumar]

25 March 2017
Saudi pivot to East Asia [NEO]
American psyops under Reagan [Robert Parry]
Русское оружие: Russian robots are coming! [Sputnik]

24 March 2017
Daish: 'creature of the West' [Pepe Escobar]

23 March 2017
Trump doctrine: "I'm president, and you're not" [The Hill]

22 March 2017
'Man who claims to be European getting on everyone's tits' [Daily Mash]
Video of Putin singing 'Creep' by Radiohead [NME]:

21 March 2017
Andrew Bacevich on CENTCOM [TomDispatch]
Tillerson in Beijing [Mel Gurtov]
Review of 'Russia, Trump, and a New Détente' by Robert English [Gilbert Doctorow]

20 March 2017
'Snow, death, and the bewildered herd' [Edward Curtin]
Assad interview [RT]
'The Great Game: power politics or free play?' [CounterPunch]

17 March 2017
Analysis: Wikileaks Vault 7 [CounterPunch]

16 March 2017
'Nation shocked to learn top spy agency spies on people' [DuffelBlog]
HMQ gives Royal Assent to Brexit [RT]

Trump budget goes hard

14 March 2017
Russian military said to be in Egypt, Libya [American Interest] [Guardian] [Independent] [Newsbud] [Reuters] [Times of Israel]

10 March 2017
'US deploys marines to Syria for Raqqa operation' [nsnbc]

9 March 2017
UK: Empire 2.0 [Sky]

8 March 2017
'Meltdown in politics' [Martin Armstrong]
'Luxembourg court rejects US bid to freeze Iran assets' [PressTV]

6 March 2017
'Who brought Trump to power?' [NEO]

23 February 2017
'How Trump could be a truth-teller' [Robert Parry]
Analysis: instructions of Putin to FSB, 2015-2017 [Newsbud]

22 February 2017
National Aeronautics and Space Administration discovers habitable solar system [NASA]

20 February 2017
'Global arms sales hit highest level since end of Cold War' [Bloomberg]

17 February 2017
'Terrorism: a history of violence' [Peter Oborne]

14 February 2017
'China net imported 1,300t of gold in 2016' [Koos Jansen]

7 February 2017
'Massacres of Muslims: in Canada condemned, in Yemen condoned' [Christopher Black]
'Dance of the five powers on the Korean peninsula' [Newsbud]
'Castigating Trump for truth-telling' [Robert Parry]

6 February 2017
'BND: Keine Beweise für Desinformations-Kampagne Putins' [Süddeutsche Zeitung]

2 February 2017
'Downfall of a top Russian cyber spy' [Daily Beast]
USA: Steve Bannon and 'The Fourth Turning' [Business Insider]

1 February 2017
Brexit begins [CNN] [Guardian] [Politico] [Sky]

31 January 2017
Україна: military action in Авдіївка [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Politico] [RT] [South Front] [Vice]
TPP 'now deader than ever thanks to Trump' [Peter Lee/Newsbud]

25 January 2017
'Seymour Hersh blasts media' [Intercept]
Trump orders wall at USA-Mexico border [BBC]
Project for the New Anglo-American Century [DMail]

24 January 2017
UK Supreme Court (8 to 3 majority): Brexit requires new legislation [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [DMail] [Guido Fawkes] [Guardian] [UK Constitutional Law Association] [UK Supreme Court] (full judgment) [Westmonster]
Trump abandons Trans-Pacific Partnership [Al Jazeera] [NYTimes] [Nikkei Asian Review] [RT]
'China reportedly deploys ICBMs' [RT]
Robert Parry on Obama [Consortiumnews]

23 January 2017
'Hard Brexit may lead to closer Sino-UK ties' [Global Times]

22 January 2017
François Fillon: «Je propose une alliance européenne de défense» [Le Monde]
'What is Russia's endgame in Libya?' [Al Jazeera]

21 January 2017
'Obama: a legacy of ashes' [James Corbett]

20 January 2017
'Soros has ties to more than 50 partners of the Women's March on Washington' [NYTimes]
'CIA morale plummets as Trump inauguration looms' [McClatchyDC]
Medvedev flames Obama [Russia Insider]
'OBAMA OUT // Songify the Farewell Address' [schmoyoho/YouTube]

19 January 2017
'Sidestepping the military Leviathan: make money, not war' [Fred Reed]
'Trump speech that no one heard' [Mike Whitney]

17 January 2017
CIA puts online 12 million pages of declassified material [IFLScience]
'The Zipf Mystery' [YouTube/Vsauce]

12 January 2017
Trump calls CNN 'fake news' [Politico]

11 January 2017
'Big Pharma Lost $24.6 Billion in 20 Minutes During Donald Trump’s Press Conference' [Fortune]
Media-Intel Complex at war with Trump [Glenn Greenwald]
'Asia enters post-Obama era' [Newsbud/Peter Lee]
Obama and Sunni-Shia politics [Consortiumnews]

10 January 2017
'New Great Game in Eurasia' [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar]

9 January 2017
'America dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016' [Guardian]
Захарова пошутила о взломе русскими хакерами мозга Обамы [Lenta]

8 January 2017
UK: the Masot affair and Boris Johnson [Peter Oborne]

7 January 2017
UK: Israeli discussion to 'take down' British deputy foreign minister [DMail] [Al Jazeera] [BBC] [Haaretz]
В Москве прошедшая ночь стала самой холодной за последние 120 лет [Kommersant]
How RT influenced American politics [RT]

6 January 2017
'Algorithm and blues: why Hillary's moneyball strategy failed' [CounterPunch]
Russkie h4x0Rz: 'is that all there is?' [Daniel McAdams]

4 January 2017
'NOAA challenged the global warming "pause". Now new research says the agency was right.' [WashPo] [WUWT]
Glenn Greenwald on the Washington Post [Intercept]

3 January 2017
Assange-Hannity interview [Fox/YouTube] [CNN] [Daily Beast] [Lew Rockwell]
'Farewell Sir Ivan Rogers, unwitting hero of brexiteers' [Reaction]
'President Trump' [Frontline]

2 January 2017
Patrick Cockburn on the battle for Mosul [CounterPunch]

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